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Student contents insurance

Our students cover keeps your things safe away from home

  • Cover your possessions if they are in your student home
  • Cover against damage while you’re moving home
  • Covers replacement locks and keys

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What’s covered

If you’re going away to study, your things might not be covered by contents insurance at home. Student contents cover lets you specify the level of cover you need to insure your things against loss, theft or damage while they’re in your student home.


What you get as standard

Cover for your possessions while they’re in your student home

Cover if your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged

Choose the level of cover you need, from £2,000 to £15,000 – no need to pay for anything you don’t want

Valuable items cover

Protection for your most valuable items such as jewellery, watches and art, up to the sum insured

Unspecified single items up to £1,000

Cover against damage while you’re moving home

Protect your things against mishaps while they’re being transported to your student home, whether by a removal company or if you move them yourself

Replacement locks and keys

We’ll cover the cost of replacement locks if your keys are lost or stolen


Optional extras

Contents accidental damage

Cover for those little accidents that would otherwise cost a fortune to fix, such as spilling red wine on your carpet or dropping your laptop or tablet

Protected contents no-claim discount

Allows 2 claims in 5 years without losing your no-claim discount and your premium won’t be affected as a direct result of those claims

What's not covered

Limits apply to certain things within your student contents cover, such as a maximum limit we’ll pay out for items in your freezer, or single item cover. These will be set out in the policy schedule. Some things aren’t covered, such as:

  • Motorised vehicles
  • Accidental damage – wider cover is available as an add-on (contents accidental damage) or through gadget, personal items, bike and sports equipment covers
  • Accidental damage caused by paying guests or if you lend, let or sub-let your home
  • Certain loss or damage that happens when your student home is unoccupied for more than the number of days permitted by the policy

The policy document 1.13 MB  provides full details of what is and isn’t covered. The list we’ve shown above is only intended as a guide.

This could suit you if:

  • You’re temporarily living away from home and want to insure the things you’ve got with you
  • You’re living in student accommodation
  • Your parents’ or your own home insurance doesn’t cover your things while they’re temporarily moved out of the main residence

Try our other options if:

  • You have a lot of possessions
  • You want cover for your things when they’re not in your home
  • You want to insure just your gadgets, bike or sports equipment

What you’ll need to get a quote:

  • Details about the type of property you live in
  • Your past 5 years’ claims history on home insurance

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