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Advanced security, protection from fraud

We take your security seriously. Find out how we help to protect you and your money when you bank with us. Find out about the steps you can take to help protect yourself from fraud.

What we do to protect your account

Help protect yourself from fraud

Keeping your account safe

  • Don't let your card, PIN, password or other security information be used by anyone else
  • Memorise your PIN, password and other security information – destroy original documents

Internet security software

  • Install internet security software and a firewall and update regularly
  • Run a full scan of your computer regularly with your security software. Find out more about our free internet security software offer if you don't have this type of software on your computer already
  • Use strong passwords. A strong password should contain a mix of letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers. Try to avoid using anything obvious like your name, username or birth date. And change your passwords regularly
  • Only download files or programs from the Internet if they are from genuine, trusted websites or senders
  • Make sure you install anti-malware software on your web-enabled phone

As part of our ongoing commitment to fighting fraud we may call you about transactions on your Business debit card.

Scams to watch out for

Fake invoices

We’ve been made aware of a scam that targets businesses with fake invoices. They often appear genuine – they’re designed to look like they’re from someone the victim is expecting a real invoice from.

These invoices request payments to a sort code and account number that has been set up by the fraudster.

Hacked emails

A spin-off of the invoice scam is where genuine emails are hacked into and the payment details changed to a fraudster’s account.

CEO-impersonation fraud

This is where as often fraudsters will pretend to be the CEO of a big business that makes large payments, such as a solicitors, and send an email to an employee asking them to send an urgent payment to their own account.

In all the cases above, if you receive an unexpected invoice/payment request, one with different details to normal or one that just doesn’t seem right, check with the person it’s meant to have come from before sending any money. You can also report the sort code and account number to us and we’ll look into it.



Lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, or you think someone else has your password, passcode or other security information, phone us straight away on
+44 (0) 1604 230 2301.

Think you're a victim of fraud?

Get in touch with us immediately and report it to us.


Important information

  1. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Call charges
  2. Available between 8am and 7pm weekdays.