Cashback without spending

Get cash while you’re out and about at a Cashback Point.

We’ve teamed up with local businesses to let you withdraw cash over the counter, without having to spend anything at the same time. They just need to have the amount you want available, and you need it in your account.

If you have a UK debit card, you can take out up to £100 using your card and PIN. There are no minimum or set amounts, and it can be in notes and coins.

For example, you could get £5.78, rather than having to choose £10 at a cash machine. 

The service is free – just look out for the Cashback Point (CP) logo in a shop or business’s window.

Help us improve

So we can offer the best possible service, if you’d like to give us any feedback or raise a concern about a visit to a Cashback Point, please fill in this form.