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You’ll have nine calendar months from today (application date) to complete the home improvements and submit your claim.

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Your mortgage account number has a short and a long version. The long version is 10 digits long – that’s the one we need here. You can find it on your mortgage documents or by checking your mortgage account in the Barclays app or Online Banking. The 10-digit account number is made up of the last 2 digits of your mortgage sort code followed by your shorter, 8-digit mortgage account number. For example, if your mortgage sort code is 11-22-33 and its 8-digit account number is 12345678, your 10-digit mortgage account number will be 3312345678.
If you’ve got a joint mortgage, we only need one account holder’s full name.
Use the same email address that’s linked to your mortgage account. We’ll use this to send you updates about your Greener Home Reward application.

Terms and conditions
Before sending your application, please read the terms and conditions for Greener Home Reward.