Barclays Identity Service

GOV.UK Verify is the new way to prove who you are online, so you can log in to government websites safely.

  • One private login for GOV.UK websites – pensions, tax and more 
  • Tough security protects privacy and helps prevent identity theft
  • Register in 15 minutes – no waiting for codes by post

It’s simple and free to register for GOV.UK Verify with Barclays – and you don’t need to bank with us.


One login for GOV.UK websites

What’s GOV.UK Verify? 

GOV.UK Verify is a new way to log into Government websites and replaces Government Gateway. When you register, a Government-certified company verifies you’re who you say you are and gives you an identity profile. 

You can then use your profile to log into any GOV.UK website with the GOV.UK Verify logo. So you’ll have just one username and password to remember, not half a dozen.

How does Barclays help?

Barclays is certified by GOV.UK to verify identities. We do this by asking you some simple questions and carrying out a range of identity checks. You don’t need to bank with us to register for an identity profile, but if you do, we can use some information from Online Banking to speed things up.

Afterwards, we carry out a quick identity check every time you log into a GOV.UK website to make sure it’s you – not someone else.

It’s safe to create an identity profile with Barclays

We keep your personal information safe and secure, and we never share financial information with GOV.UK. We don’t know which GOV.UK website you’re using when you log in with your Barclays identity profile.

Anyone can create an identity profile with Barclays1, but if you do bank with us, your profile is separate to your Online Banking account. 

Where can I use my profile?

You can use a Barclays identity profile with a wide range of GOV.UK websites. Create your profile by going to a site you already use, or want to use.

  • Complete your Self-Assessment

  • Check your State Pension

  • Sign into your personal tax account

  • View or share your driving licence information

  • Complete your claim or access your Universal Credit account

  • Claim your redundancy payment and monies owed

  • Check your Income Tax for the current year

  • Report a medical condition that affects your driving

  • Renew your short-term medical driving license

  • Check or update your company car tax

  • Use Rural Payments

  • Help friends and family with their tax

Getting your free identity profile is easy

1. Choose Barclays at GOV.UK

Go to the GOV.UK website you want to use and select the ‘sign in using GOV.UK Verify’ option. Follow the on-screen instructions and when asked to choose a company to verify your identity, select Barclays.

2. Complete our identity checks

We’ll ask you some simple questions to verify that you’re who you say you are – not someone pretending to be you. We may also need details from some identity documents to help with our checks.

Already have a Barclays identity profile?

Log into your profile to make changes to your personal details.