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Barclays Identity Service

Changes to GOV.UK Verify

On 24 March 2020, we stopped issuing new GOV.UK Verify digital identities. That means you won't be able to register for GOV.UK Verify with us anymore.

To access government services, you'll need to set up an identity account with a government service that uses GOV.UK Verify – you'll find the full list on the government's services page. 

Can I still use my existing Barclays identity profile?

If you've already got an identity profile1, you can still use it on GOV.UK to

How do I update my Barclays identity profile?

You can make changes to your profile in Online Banking or directly in your identity profile, depending on how you created it.

Online Banking

If you created your profile using your Online Banking details, you'll need to make changes by logging into Online Banking and editing the personal details for your bank account – they’re shared with your identity profile.

Identity profile

If you created your profile by choosing a username and password, you'll need to make changes by logging into your profile.