Travel packs reprice

Frequently asked questions

Why are we increasing the price?

We’ve considered this carefully and we understand the cost-of-living pressures you might be facing.

This is the first time we've increased our pack prices since 2018. More people have been travelling over the last 12 months, which means the number of claims has risen. Inflation has also affected how much it costs us to pay these claims. 

What will the new monthly pack prices be?

The Travel Pack will be £14.50 a month, and the Travel Plus Pack will be £22.50 a month.

When will I need to pay the new Travel Pack price?

You’ll need to pay it from 1 February 2024. It’ll be automatically debited from your chosen payment card, so you don’t need to do anything.

Where can I find out more about the price increase?

We sent you a text message, as well as an email or letter with more information about the price increase. You can see these online in the Barclays app and Online Banking in ‘Statements and documents’.

Will there be any changes to my cover?

No, your cover and benefits will stay the same.

What can I do if I’m not happy with the new pack prices?

You can cancel or change to a different Travel Pack – check what cover or benefits you might lose first.

If you bought your pack before 18 January 2021 and you cancel it, you’ll lose any existing discounts or interest-free overdrafts that you currently get with your pack. Your discount and interest-free overdrafts won’t apply to new packs.

If you change to a new pack, joint account holders won’t be covered. Other account holders can only be covered if you nominate them when changing to a new pack. To get cover as joint account holders for the Travel Pack or Travel Plus Pack, you and your nominated partner must be living together as a couple.

How can I cancel my pack?

Log in to the Barclays app or Online Banking and go to ‘Products’, ‘Insurance’, then ‘Travel & Breakdown insurance’. Select the pack you want to cancel, then go to ‘Manage my pack’ and ‘Remove pack’. 

If you cancel within 14 days of buying your pack, you’ll be refunded automatically for any pack payments you made during that time.

If you want to cancel your pack during your first six months, you’ll need to send us a message from the ‘Help’ section of our app or Online Banking, or visit one of our branches. You can only cancel during your first six months if it’s due to the price increase.

I bought a pre-existing medical conditions upgrade. What happens if I change or cancel my pack?

If you change your pack, you’ll need to complete a new online medical assessment and buy a new upgrade if you still need cover.

If you cancel your pack, your cover will end the day you cancel and you’ll lose your upgrade.

What happens when I cancel my pack?

Your cover will end the day you cancel. Depending on when you bought your pack and which pack you had, you might get a refund. 

If you bought your Travel Pack before 19 January 2021, or if you bought your Travel Plus Pack before 16 June 2021, you’ll only pay for the days you held your pack for at the end of the month. If you benefit from the £100 fee-free overdraft, you’ll keep your overdraft but you’ll start paying interest on the £100 if you use your overdraft once you cancel your pack.

If you bought your Travel Pack on or after 19 January 2021, or if you bought your Travel Plus Pack on or after 16 June 2021, you’ll get a refund for the days you weren’t covered for that month.