Money detox

Start your money workout

Take your saving to the limit by getting strict with all your spending habits for a month.

Decide what you can give up or find a cheaper alternative for, like making packed lunches instead of eating out, and commit to saving this money instead.

Money detox card

See a completed example [PDF, 250KB]

How to work out

Step 1

Look at your spending habits and see what you could do without for a month.

Step 2

Save the money in a safe place every time you resist temptation. Keep the card where you can see it, like on the fridge, as a daily reminder.

Step 3

Colour in a piece of fruit every time you make a saving, to track your progress. And when you’re ready, try another workout that suits your circumstances.

Workout kit

You can use these tools to help complete your goal.

Mobile phone with category icons

Your Barclays app

Tap ‘Spending’ to see how much you spend in each category – the leisure one might be good to start with for reducing non-essentials.

You need to be 16 or over to use the app. T&Cs apply.

A man and woman are budgeting with a laptop and calculator

Your budgeting guide

We’ve got seven money-management tips to help you set and stick to a budget.

A calendar with a pound symbol and stop sign

Cancelling payments

Once you’ve decided how to reduce your spending, you can cancel standing orders or Direct Debits.