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What you need to know about our mortgages

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

A written personalised mortgage information sheet is available from any Barclays branch.

Information about Barclays residential mortgage products:

  • No higher lending charge
  • Applications are subject to status and applicants must be 18 years old or older
  • Mortgages are subject to valuation (maximum loan-to-value ratio 90%)
  • A first charge over your property is required
  • Mortgages are available on interest-only and repayment bases. For an interest-only mortgage, it is your responsibility to ensure that a suitable repayment plan is in place to pay off your total mortgage balance at the end of the agreed term. For a repayment mortgage, you are responsible for making sure all payments to the repayment plan are kept up to date and for checking regularly that the repayment plan is on target to repay the amount outstanding on the mortgage at the end of the agreed term
  • The minimum age for taking out a mortgage with Barclays is 18. Usually the maximum age at the end of the mortgage term should be 70 or your retirement age – whichever is sooner. Where the end of term date of the mortgage would be later than this for any applicant, applications may still be considered on an individual basis. You will need to evidence your ability to repay your mortgage where it extends into retirement
  • We are a responsible lender, and when considering your application for borrowing we will appraise your financial circumstances. And remember, if you should run into difficulty, please contact us immediately

General information 

  • Telephone calls may be recorded or monitored
  • The mortgaged property must be situated in the United Kingdom, which is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the United Kingdom
  • All rates and charges quoted are correct at the time this site was last updated
  • The mortgages featured are only available for residential purposes
  • As part of the remortgage package, we offer a legal service via a panel of solicitors who act on our behalf only. The legal service is not available should a customer choose not to use the appointed panel solicitor. Customers will not pay for or receive a copy of the non-disclosed mortgage valuation report. Woolwich Switch & Save™ products are only available to customers who have a mortgage with another lender (not Barclays or Woolwich), who want to move your mortgage to us and are not moving home. In the case of a remortgage where it includes, for example, a change of names on the mortgage or the first registration of unregistered land, customers are liable for any associated fees
  • Our standard legal service will include solicitor’s fees directly relating to the remortgage (registered land only) and Land Registry fees. It does not include any other legal fees, money transfer fees or additional fees incurred in connection with dealing with leasehold or shared ownership properties, other mortgage charges or changes to mortgage parties. So, in the case of a remortgage where it includes, for example, a change of names on the mortgage or the first registration of unregistered land, customers are liable for any associated fees. You will be advised by your solicitor of additional costs applicable to your circumstances and charged separately for these

Fixed rates explained:

  • A fixed rate provides an interest rate that remains the same during the fixed period of the loan. After the fixed period of your loan our fixed rates revert to Bank of England Base Rate plus a margin
  • This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your monthly repayment will stay the same for the period during which the rate is fixed, as long as payments are made for the correct amount and on time, allowing you to plan accordingly
  • An Early Repayment Charge may apply in certain circumstances

Tracker rates explained:

  • All Base Rate Trackers are linked to Bank of England Base Rate
  • A tracker rate can be a set percentage above or below Bank of England Base Rate
  • As the rate is linked to a variable rate, your monthly repayments may increase as well as decrease
  • This is the only product type available for “Offset” mortgages

How to complain:

We are committed to providing a high standard of service to you and all of our customers. We have a set procedure that enables us to investigate and sort out complaints quickly and fairly

If you want to complain about this application or the service you've received, you may do so in person, by telephone or in writing by post or email

Details of our complaints-handling procedures are available on request from any branch or our Customer Service team on 0800 33 44 99 1(Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm). Alternatively, you can read our Complaints Commitment


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