Barclaysafe document storage service

Secure paper document storage

Your documents are kept at one of our specialist security centres and can only be accessed by you.

Barclaysafe has been withdrawn for new users. If you’ve used it before, you’ll still be able to use it.

Putting your documents into storage

Barclaysafe sealable wallets are available at your local branch .

You can deposit all sorts of paper documents (except documents with a cash value).

To deposit documents, follow the instructions printed on the wallet, then take it into your local branch or send it to the Barclaysafe Store address on the envelope provided.

There’s a storage cost of £3 per wallet per calendar month which we automatically debit from your account. If you need more wallets, you can phone the Access Line, or call into any branch of Barclays.

Accessing your documents

You can ask for a wallet to be returned to you by calling the Access Line on 0345 075 7475 or 0845 766 02481.The wallet can either be sent directly to you by Special Delivery or you can collect in from a branch with a counter service during normal opening hours (excludes Sunday and Bank Holidays).

If you request access to a wallet before 4pm it will usually be:

  • Sent to your correspondence address by noon the following day, or
  • Ready for collection at your chosen branch 2 days later

There’s an access and removal fee of £10 per wallet, which is debited from your account when you ask for your wallet to be returned to you.

Each time you ask for a wallet to be returned to you, we provide a replacement with a document summary sheet for you to keep a note of documents you deposit. We have no knowledge of the wallet contents so it’s important you keep a record.