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Earn cashback on your everyday spending with Blue Rewards

Barclays Blue Rewards members can earn cashback on spending every time they use their linked debit card with participating retailers1.

Register in the app and start earning cashback straight away.

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If you’re not a Blue Rewards member yet, you’ll need to join before you can register for Cashback Rewards.

How does Cashback Rewards work?

  • Automatically earn up to 15% cashback from participating retailers when you use your Visa debit card linked to your Blue Rewards account2
  • Get personalised offers based on your spending habits
  • Choose whether to redeem your cashback as cash into your account, trade up to e-vouchers or donate the money to charity
  • Between 4 September and 30 November 2024, you can earn 1% cashback (up to a maximum of £5 per month) when you spend with your eligible Barclays Visa debit card. Terms and conditions apply.

Rewards from your favourite brands

Here are some of the retailers that have taken part in Barclays Cashback Rewards.

We’re adding new offers and retailers all the time3, so make sure you check your account regularly and sign up for marketing emails. You can do this by going to ‘Settings’ on the Barclays Cashback Rewards website.

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Learn how to register for Barclays Cashback Rewards

The Barclays app How to register for Barclays Cashback Rewards If you’re a Blue Rewards customer, you can register for Barclays Cashback Rewards using the Barclays App.

Start by tapping the banner here.

If you can’t see it, tap on ‘Products’ and select ‘Barclays Blue Rewards’.

Make sure you read the information on what cashback is and how it works.

Check your details are correct and tap ‘Continue’.

Read through the Visa terms and conditions and privacy policy and if you’re happy, tick the box and tap ‘Continue’.

If you’d like to receive updates on the latest cashback offers, tick the box here.

And you’re all set up.

If you’d like to view cashback offers straight away, you can tap ‘Explore offers’ which will take you out of the Barclays app to the Barclays Cashback Rewards website.

To ensure you receive the most relevant offers, you can enter your postcode and date of birth here.

To view your current offers, tap here.

where you can filter them, tapping on an offer to see more details, including the expiry date and the terms and conditions.

And you can even find offers in stores near you in map view, by tapping here, or by entering your postcode to see selected stores nearby.

For settings, tap here where you can view and edit your personal details and communication preferences.

You can also view the card linked to your Cashback account.

Or, if you have any queries, tap here for support.

Here you can complete a range of actions, including reviewing FAQs, reporting a missing transaction or redemption and closing your cashback account.

And that's it, registering for Barclays Cashback Rewards made easy with the Barclays app.

Learn how to view and redeem Barclays Cashback Rewards

The Barclays app How to view and redeem Barclays Cashback Rewards.

If you’re registered for Barclays Cashback Rewards, you can view and redeem cashback quickly and easily using the Barclays app.

Your account will appear on your homescreen.

To access, tap on your cashback account.

You’ll then see your cashback balance here.

For more information, tap ‘Redeem and view offers’.

This will take you out of the Barclays app to the Barclays Cashback Rewards website.

You can view available offers by tapping here.

Just tap on an offer to see more details such as the expiry date and terms and conditions.

To redeem your cashback, tap here.

Now, if you'd like to move the funds to your bank account, tap ‘Redeem to account'.

Then choose how much of your cashback balance you’d like to redeem and then tap ‘Confirm’.

And that's it.

The money will be in your bank account within five working days.

If you’d like to turn your cashback into e-vouchers, tap ‘Trade up’.

You can choose to trade up to an e-voucher from a range of partners listed.

If you'd like to donate your cashback to charity, you can do this by tapping on ‘Donate’.

You can then choose which charity you'd like to donate to from the list displayed.

And there you go.

Viewing and redeeming cashback rewards made easy with the Barclays app.