Personalised Card image guidelines

Find out if your chosen image is acceptable

Read our guidelines to make sure the image you choose for your personalised debit card will be accepted.

Guidelines for images on personalised debit cards

Uploaded images used in personalised card designs must conform to the following guidelines:

  1. You must own the image or have the permission of the image owner to use it
  2. If your image includes another person, you must have their consent to use it
  3. The image you choose for your card must not contain any of the following

    • Trademarks or company names – eg, images marked with ® or ™ signs

    • Images or text protected by copyright – eg, images marked with © or other watermarks or notations

    • Slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies

    • Images of, or the name or nickname of, celebrities, musicians, sportspersons, entertainers, public figures, film stars, cartoon characters, members of the royal family or other famous people

    • Contact information – eg, telephone numbers, URLs, Facebook and Twitter usernames, account numbers, addresses or email addresses

    • Political statements or images relating to ethnicity or religion

    • Images of flags, except for the Union Jack/UK flag, St George’s Cross/English flag, St Andrew’s Cross/Scottish flag, The Red Dragon/Welsh flag and St Patrick’s Saltire/Northern Irish flag. If any of these are used, they can only be images of the original national flags and must not be edited, cropped or have any additional art work or writing on them

    • Images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, hatred, graffiti, betting, gambling, or financial products and services

    • Provocative, lewd or sexual images or content

    • Nudity

    • Offensive material – eg, images, signs, symbols or text relating to violence, death, injury, racism, cruelty, profanity, obscenity, weapons, firearms, ammunition or terrorism

    • Anti-social or obscene behaviour, or socially unacceptable groups

    • Content where drinking, being drunk, smoking or gambling is the focus

    • Text, unless benign and in the English language

    • Any image that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility toward company brands, including MasterCard®, Visa® or Barclays

    • Any reference to the Olympic Games, World Cup or any other international branded event

    • Reference to any bank, building society or other monetary institution

    • Weapons, unless in a ceremonial context