Stand with Pride

Part of our commitment to the LGBT+ community and championing true diversity and inclusion.

Why we celebrate Pride

Championing equality, understanding, respect and inclusivity for the LGBT+ community is important to us. Making everyone feel comfortable being themselves at work is central to our culture. We nurture this through activities and initiatives, and building networks for colleagues to connect.

The march towards true equality is far from over. Pride is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come. But it’s also a time to reflect on how we can make things better and continue to serve our LGBT+ community.

Our LGBT+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), Spectrum, is one of our longest-standing networks. Set up nearly 20 years ago, it’s open to all colleagues, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, who are interested in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community. 

Here’s some of the work we’ve been doing to make Barclays a truly inclusive place to work.

Hear from our colleagues

Personal Pronouns

Asking someone which pronouns they prefer instead of assuming can make all the difference. David explains how important it is not to misgender.

Avoiding Microaggressions

Microaggression, whether intentional or unintentional, can negatively affect people within the LBGT+ community. Shaun explains how to open up conversations about microaggression and in turn raise awareness.

Gender Identity

Sionice talks about gender identity and how we can all become better allies by being aware, respectful and standing up for the community.

Making us truly inclusive

  • Stand with Pride
    • We’re proud to be a partner of Open For Business, a coalition of global companies making the case that inclusive, diverse societies are better for business and economic growth
    • We’re a Stonewall Top 100 Employer. The list is compiled by the Workplace Equality Index, the UK’s leading benchmarking tool for LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace
    • We’re a member of TeamPride, supporting Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign to champion LGBT+ inclusion in sport
    • Every year, our Spectrum fundraising dinners raise over £200,000 for LGBT+ charities
    • Through fundraising and colleague volunteering we support the Terrence Higgins Trust’s ‘Work Positive Programme’, which helps those living with HIV get back into work
    • We’re a founding partner of LGBT+ Foundations with Pride in Ageing in the North West, which helps people over 50 get access to housing, health services, mental wellbeing counselling, and group support to help them cope with isolation
  • Hire with Pride
    • Our inclusive and supportive culture helps us better understand everyone’s needs, while creating a sense of belonging and value to empower our colleagues to perform at their best
    • We offer private medical cover for transitioning trans colleagues
    • In collaboration with Spectrum, we’ve delivered a series of diversity-focused recruitment events for apprenticeship hiring. These showcased career opportunities and our diversity networks, and have enriched the range of talent we’ve welcomed on our Apprenticeship Programmes
  • March with Pride
    • We’re a proud headline sponsor of Pride in Liverpool and Northern Pride.  We work closely with our Pride partners to support the fantastic work they do in advancing LGBT+ equality in their respective regions
    • We are proud to come together as one community to ensure no one in the LGBT+ community feels alone. We attend Pride events globally, and celebrate through virtual events throughout the year
  • Connect with Pride
    • Our Spectrum Allies include colleagues from around the world, all pledging to support LGBT+ colleagues and challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Allies commit to challenging and staying informed about homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and educate others on the importance of inclusion, equality, diversity, and respect
    • Our ‘Power of Allies Toolkit’ gives allies the knowledge and skills they need to actively support their LGBT+ colleagues and the wider community
  • Identify with Pride
    • By using personal pronouns, we can identify with Pride. Whether in person, online or in our email signatures, they tell people we’re not going to assume their gender, and create safe spaces for everyone to bring their whole selves to work
    • We’ve provided pronouns guidance to all colleagues, explaining the importance of personal pronouns, and encouraging their use across email signatures, video conferencing display names and in person
  • Support with Pride
    • Our business and corporate banking teams work with start-ups, SMEs and clients to advise them on how to foster inclusive working environments, and support their LGBT+ colleagues through a number of life experiences, such as coming out, transitioning or being a parent to a LGBT+ child
  • Bank with Pride
    • Our personalised debit card lets you add a range of rainbow, bisexual and trans flag filters and overlays these on to the card – to add a little more Pride to everyday payments1
    • With our current account, debit card and savings account you can select an ‘MX’ title on your registered account details1