Can I see my old statements online if I close my account?

As long as you don’t cancel your Online Banking registration, you’ll be able to see statements for your closed accounts in Online Banking for up to 7 years from the date you registered for Online Banking or from July 2013 (whichever is earlier).

You can also view them in Barclays Cloud It by selecting the drop-down menu under your name on the Online Banking homepage. Select ‘My Barclays documents’ under the ‘My documents and messages’ menu.

If you want to cancel your Online Banking registration, you should print or save your statements to your computer first.

Regulation requires that we provide you with up to 5 years of your transaction history at current account closure if you want it. You can also request this at a later date but please note, you will only receive up to 5 years from the day you ask us. Transaction history will be sent to you in the form of copies of your statements.
Do let us know how many months (1 to 60) you’d like. If you don’t specify, we’ll automatically send 5 years of transaction history to you.