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Life insurance cover calculator

Helping you work out how much cover you need

Cover options

How we use your information

We'll only use the figures you enter into this calculator to work out how much life insurance cover you might need. We don't store this information and we won't share it with anyone else.

Look at the questions below. Do you know the exact amounts? (Enter 0 if they don't apply.)

Your assets

This is the value of your estate – how much you have in savings and investments, plus the value of your assets (anything of value that could be sold). You can use this to lower the amount of cover you get, if you want to.

How much do you have in savings and investments?

Examples: current account, savings accounts, ISAs, bonds, shares, joint accounts

How much are your assets worth if you were to sell them? Tooltip

Examples: cars, property, equity in your home (your property's value minus your mortgage), jewellery, boats, trust funds for children

What's the amount of cover of any other life insurance policies you have?

Examples: you may have cover through your job, or other policies you've taken out previously

Look at the questions below. Do you know the exact amounts?

Your spending

If you know how much you spend on household expenses and your dependants, it'll help you work out how much your loved ones will need to manage financially, if you die.

How much are your regular household expenses in an average month? Tooltip

Examples: rent, mortgage, utilities, food, childcare, pet care, transport – anything you want to cover

How much do you spend on other expenses in an average month?

Examples: debts such as credit or store cards, loans, entertainment, holidays, school clothes – anything not covered above that your loved ones might have to pay if you died

How many years after you die would you want to leave money to cover all of these expenses? Tooltip

Examples: the time left on your mortgage, or until your children leave full-time education – how long you'd like to provide for your loved ones

Future spending

You can't see into the future, but you might have an idea of what you'd like your life insurance to cover for your loved ones, in addition to everyday expenses.

How much do you want to leave to cover your loved ones' future plans? Tooltip

Examples: education fees, wedding costs, healthcare, retirement homes, family holidays and anything else

How much would you like to set aside to cover your mortgage?

You could choose enough to cover the whole mortgage, or just your share

Think about the tasks you do that someone else would need to do if you weren't here. Would your family/friends be able to do them for free, or would they need to pay someone else to do them? How much would you like to leave to cover paying someone else to do those tasks?

Examples: childcare, dog walking, cleaning, caring for parents or others, cooking, gardening



You must answer every question – if it's irrelevant or doesn't apply, enter '0'

Your cover options

Based on your answers, here are two cover options. The first is the maximum amount you'd need to cover everything and leave a lump sum for your loved ones. The second is the minimum cover you'd need, leaving no lump sum for your loved ones and assuming there's someone else who'd still be able to cover half of your outgoings. If neither is quite right, you can customise it.

Higher level of cover


All your regular expenses Tooltip

Full lump sum for dependants Tooltip

Not cashing in any assets Tooltip

Lower level of cover


Half your regular expenses Tooltip

No lump sum for dependants Tooltip

Cashing in all your assets Tooltip

Not quite right?

You can adjust these until you get the cover amount that's best for your needs. For example, you could choose to cover a certain percentage of your expenses, rather than half or all of it

Your customized cover


% of your regular expenses Tooltip

% lump sum for dependants Tooltip

Cashing in % of your assets Tooltip

This is only a guide

When you go on to get your quote, you can adjust with the figures until you find something that's affordable and offers the right level of cover for your needs.

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And remember...

It's just a guideline

It will give you a rough cover amount to enter into your application as a starting point.

It's not set in stone

If the future doesn't turn out as you expected, you can change your level of cover later.

It's all yours

The full lump sum will go to your estate, or you can place it in trust if you'd like to specify who gets it

Customise your results

Choose how much of each section you want life cover to provide. For example, if you share the cost of running the household with someone else, you can choose to cover just your part of the expenses.

Your assets

Would you like to use the value of your assets to make your cover amount lower? Choose one or enter custom amount.

Your spending

How much of your household expenses would you like your life insurance to cover? Choose one or enter a custom amount.

The future

Of the amount of money that you'd like to leave for their future, how much would you like this life insurance policy to cover? Choose one or enter a custom amount.