Working in the UK

Entry requirements and tips for starting out

As one of the world’s largest economies the UK offers a wealth of commercial opportunities.

The UK is noted for welcoming talent from abroad. Alongside London’s world leadership in financial services, the UK also has a major presence in pharmaceuticals and information technology, with businesses based around the UK.

If you want to join the UK's vibrant community and get the best from the opportunities available, you first have to establish your right to work in the UK.

Non-EU & EEA citizens working in the UK

If you are from outside the EU or EEA, it is likely you will need a visa to work in the UK. The UK visa is subject to a points-based immigration system. That means there are only so many people with a particular skill-set allowed to come to work in the UK.

So, you could be prevented from working in the UK if you do not fit into the right category. Before you make definite plans, check with the British embassy or a local consulate in your home country.

US citizens working in the UK

With the long-standing relationship between the UK and USA, it may come as a surprise to know that US citizens require a visa to work in the UK. If you are a US citizen, you will also have to go through the points-based system.

Banking services and accounts for individuals working in the UK

Planning ahead will help you make the most of your time living and working in the UK. So alongside a visa, opening a UK bank account as soon as you arrive will let you get down to business quickly.

That is why we make it as easy as possible for you to open a bank account.

Find out more about our UK bank accounts.

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