Your financial future

Get prepared for life’s important events – from moving out and becoming a student, to planning for your family and saving for retirement.

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Student finance, fees and costs

Studying isn’t the only thing you need to think about before going to university

You’ve made it into uni? Great. You’ve got past the first hurdle; now it’s time to look at some ways you can stay on top of your money while your head’s in your books. Here are some tips on how to budget while you’re in full-time education.

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Choosing a financial adviser

Confused by financial jargon?

We outline the key things to consider when looking for a financial adviser.

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Planning younger for a better retirement

Tips for a financially secure future

It’s never too early to start your preparations for retirement – but where do you begin and how can your workplace help? Let’s explore some options. 

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Retirement plans

Ready in 5

Take a look at our ‘Ready in 5’ tips and tricks so you can start planning for your well-deserved retirement.

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Five reasons to write a will

Writing a will should be one of the cornerstones of your financial planning. Having one in place can provide valuable peace of mind that any property or assets you own will pass to who you want when you die.

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Life after work

Volunteering and part-time work

How to keep some structure in your life.