Key questions to ask your landlord

How to negotiate with your landlord

If you’re struggling to pay the rent, now could be the right time to ask your landlord about options. Here are two key questions you can ask.

A sudden change in financial circumstance for many renters around Britain. Experiencing an unexpected drop in income can be stressful – especially during a health crisis – but there are measures you can potentially take to reduce pressures on what is likely your biggest monthly outgoing: your rent.

If you’re concerned about how to continue making rental payments following a furlough announcement, a reduction in pay, contracted hours, or a job loss, you should consider speaking to your landlord as soon as possible.

Can I ask for a temporary reduction in my rent?

Once again, this may be a reasonable question to ask your landlord if your financial circumstances have changed. And many landlords will be understanding.

Any discount to the amount of rent you pay has to be approved by your landlord, and whatever that reduction may be – and the length of time the discount applies for – is at your landlord’s discretion.

If you want to start a conversation about requesting lower payments, a good place to start would be to explain how your circumstances and income have changed. Clarify what government-based help you’ve applied for and outline what income you’re now living off. If you have any emails or letters from your employer or support schemes, you should attach PDF copies to your email, as proof.

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