Mortgage cost and repayment calculator

How much would a mortgage cost?

See examples of costs for different mortgage types and interest rates.

Mortgage Calculator

What will my mortgage cost?

See examples of costs for different mortgage types, payment terms and interest rates.

The lower your loan to value, the more deals you can choose from.

If your loan to value is over 85%, the most you can borrow is

  • £220,000 for a flat or maisonette
  • £500,000 for all other property types

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Mortgage terms

Initial payments and rate

The monthly payment and rate you'll pay until your introductory period ends.

Follow-on payments and rate

The payments and rate you'll pay after your introductory period ends if you don’t change anything.


Use the annual percentage rate of charge to compare the cost of our mortgages, including interest and fees, with those from other lenders.

Mortgage fee

You can pay this fee when you submit a mortgage application, or add it to the amount you borrow.

Total of monthly payments

The information below shows roughly how your monthly payments will affect your mortgage balance over time. But they don't include any other fees or payments you may need to make.

Loan to value

The percentage of the property value that you're going to borrow. We divide your mortgage amount by the property value to work out the LTV.

Early repayment charge

The amount you'll pay if you want to pay off the mortgage early or make an overpayment that's more than we've agreed to.


Your rate stays the same for a set period, so your monthly payments remain the same even if our base rate changes.


Your rate is a certain amount above our base rate. If base rate goes up or down, your payments will too (it's sometimes called a 'variable rate').


Money you have in another account with us is used to lower the mortgage balance we charge interest on. All our offset mortgages are trackers.

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How our mortgage calculator works

Monthly repayments
We divide the mortgage amount and the total interest you’d pay by the number of months you want to repay the money over.

Rounding of repayment amounts
We use the unrounded repayment to work out the amount of interest you’d pay over the mortgage term.

Interest rate
We use the rate to calculate the total interest you’d pay over the mortgage term. The calculator assumes that the rate won’t change during the mortgage term.

Timing of interest conversion
We assume interest will be charged at the same frequency as the mortgage repayments are made.

The APRC (annual percentage rate of charge) helps you compare different mortgage offers. APRC values are accurate to one decimal place, but no decimal place is shown when the value is a whole number. For example, 3.0% will be shown as 3%.

Cover for the things that matter most

Life insurance for mortgage holders

You could consider taking out life, or life and critical illness insurance alongside your mortgage. These covers are designed to offer some financial protection against the unexpected. Your loved ones would receive a lump-sum payment if you died and, depending on your cover, could receive a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a critical illness, which could help repay your mortgage.

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