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What happens when your Mortgage Charter support ends?

See guidance on what to expect when your Mortgage Charter support ends and how to get more support with your mortgage if you need it.

What happens when your Mortgage Charter support ends?


If you’ve extended your mortgage term

You’ll keep the extended mortgage term, and your monthly payments will stay the same. Your mortgage will cost you more overall because you’ll be paying interest for longer. 

Your original mortgage terms and conditions still apply to the new mortgage term. If you have any life or critical illness policies, make sure that they’re updated according to your new mortgage term.

If you still have some time left with Mortgage Charter support, you can make the following changes to your mortgage:  

  • Change back to your original mortgage term. Your payments will be higher than they were before you extended the term if you do this.
  • Reduce the extended term to a term that’s between your original and extended term. If you extended your term from 10 years to 20, for example, you could then reduce it to 15 years.

You can still change your term after the Mortgage Charter support ends, but you'll need to go through our standard affordability checks. 

Call us on 0333 202 7580* to get help changing your mortgage term  – we’re here Monday to Friday, from 7am to 8pm and on weekends from 7am to 5pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges


If you’ve switched to interest-only payments

We’ll automatically switch your mortgage back to your original payment type when your Mortgage Charter support ends after six months.

Your monthly payments will be higher than before you switched to interest-only. This is because you haven’t been paying off any of the mortgage balance during this time.  

Your higher monthly payment will start from month seven. We’ll send you a payment notice confirming your new monthly payment at least 14 days before its due.

If you’ve recently switched your mortgage rate

If your new rate started during the Mortgage Charter support, then your monthly payments will include the new rate. 

If your new rate hasn't started yet, the updated payments will be based on your current rate. We'll send you an updated payment notice when your new mortgage rate starts. 

Are you still worried about making your mortgage payments?

Are you eligible for a mortgage rate switch?

You might be eligible for a mortgage rate switch, which could lower your monthly mortgage payments. Use the Barclays app or Online Banking to apply. 

If you use the Barclays app to manage your mortgage, select your mortgage in the app and then select ‘Browse and switch your mortgage rate’ to see the options available to you.

You can also log in to Online Banking, choose the mortgage you want to switch from the list of accounts on your home page, then select 'Switch to a new rate'.

You need to be 16 or over to use the app. Terms and conditions apply. 

Other ways we can support you

If you’re worried about your financial situation, see how we can support you or call us on 0333 202 7407. 

We’re here Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm, Fridays from 8am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, except on bank holidays. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges

If you agree to a payment arrangement, it might be reported to credit reference agencies and could affect your ability to apply for credit in the future. It could also increase your overall mortgage balance. 

Independent support organisations: