Moving home checklist

How to arrange moving home

Brush up on our tips to help you prepare for your big move, from understanding your mortgage options to finding your new stopcock.

Your first steps

Moving to a new home can seem more complicated than buying your first home. So we’ve produced this moving home checklist with tips to help you get organised. Just remember that every property sale is different, and the law differs slightly between England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Check with a solicitor if you’re unsure about any of the legal or financial aspects of selling your home.

Understand your mortgage options

Moving home is a good time to check whether the mortgage you have is still right for your needs, but remember to check whether you’ll need to pay any fees for paying off your current mortgage. Depending on your specific deal, you may be able to port your current mortgage to a new home, which means keeping the same deal – but it’s worth checking to see what options are available from your current lender and the market as a whole.

For example, if you have a mortgage with us, take a look at our home-mover reward rates. We also have a range of ways to help if you’re currently mortgaged with another provider. And don’t forget that it’s not only first-time buyers that can take advantage of schemes such as Help to Buy

Your moving checklist

As soon as you exchange contracts, get a head start on planning to move out and move in. There’s a lot more to think about than getting packed up. 

Getting ready for the move       

  • Book a removals company – let them know about any large or valuable pieces of furniture
  • Have a good declutter – recycle, donate or sell stuff you haven’t used in a while
  • Start packing things you can do without until moving day
  • Inform your gas, electricity and water providers that you’re moving
  • Tell any companies you’re insured with when and where you’re going – this could affect your policies
  • Use Royal Mail’s redirect service for your post, and talk to your phone provider about keeping your current number or getting a redirect for a new one
  • Request a final statement for your council tax – you could get a refund
  • Get your estate agent to ask the seller to leave all the manuals and warranties for electrical items, like the boiler, any alarms and domestic appliances
  • See which TV and broadband services are available in your new area
  • Research GPs and dentists in the area, and let the old ones know you’re moving
  • Update your address with your employer
  • It’s a good idea to have a phone or tablet with a data plan for the move, as you may not have broadband when you move in
  • Consider writing some notes for the people buying your home – explain where to find the stopcock, meters and fuse box, how the boiler works, and label any keys for windows, doors and any garage
  • Ask the agent to arrange the same with your seller
  • Get parking permits for the removals company if you’re in a restricted parking zone

 Moving in day and beyond

  • Take final readings from your utility meters – you may be able to submit them online or by phone
  • Update your details on the electoral register – this is really important for protecting your credit score
  • Find the stopcock in your new home, and electricity and gas meters – take readings on moving in day
  • Depending on your circumstances, update your contact details with HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions
  • If you’re a driver, contact DVLA to update your licence address details
  • Check the council website to find out which days rubbish and recycling are collected
  • Consider changing your front and back door locks for security

How to get a mortgage for your move

I have a Barclays mortgage

Take a look at the rates we offer if you have a mortgage with us and you’re thinking about selling your current home and living somewhere else.

I have a mortgage with another lender

See how we can help if you want to move home – our expert advisers will recommend a deal that suits your needs.

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