Travel Pack

Get cover for £14.50 a month

In partnership with Aviva and RAC. Protect your trips from the unexpected with cover for cancellations, breakdowns, lost baggage and more.

Six-month minimum term – terms and conditions apply.

Worldwide and UK multi-trip cover

Cover for you and your family, with optional cover for medical conditions.

Complete breakdown cover in UK and Europe

Unlimited callouts in UK, plus cover for you as a driver or passenger when travelling. 

What does our Travel Pack cover?


Eligibility criteria

To apply for cover, you’ll need to:

  • Live in the UK for at least 183 days a year
  • Be registered with a UK doctor.

Who’s covered

If you’re eligible for travel insurance, Aviva will cover:

  • You and your partner who lives with you up to the age of 79 at the start of your trip
  • Your children (including step- and foster children) who travel with you and are under 23.

If you’re eligible for RAC breakdown cover, our providers will cover:

  • You, as the pack holder
  • Anyone who lives at the same address as you, if you add them to your cover when you buy your pack.



Travel insurance by Aviva

We made some changes to our Travel Plus Pack terms and conditions on 24 April 2023. If you bought your pack before this date, your terms and conditions haven’t changed and you can find them in ‘Statements and documents’ in the Barclays app.

What’s covered

Multi-trip travel insurance underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. You’ll get:

Trips abroad and in the UK for up to 31 days. For UK trips, you’ll need to be away from home for at least two consecutive nights in pre-booked holiday accommodation

Winter sports, cruises and business trips outside the UK for non-manual work, like meetings and conferences 

Up to £10 million worth of emergency medical treatment for sudden illness or injuries

Up to £10,000 per person for cancelled trips if you need to come home early 

Unexpected travel costs – up to £10,000 for additional travel and accommodation costs if your plans are disrupted, and up to £250 if your pre-booked transport is delayed for longer than 12 hours

Protection for your belongings – up to £1,500 if your personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.

What’s not covered

Travel delays where your travel is delayed by less than 12 hours

Costs you can recover from your travel or accommodation provider, your debit or credit card company, PayPal, ABTA, ATOL or similar organisations

Any incident that happens after 31 days of your holiday, unless you have a longer trip upgrade 

Anything that already happened before you bought this pack or booked your trip (whichever is later). For example, an airport strike that's been reported in the media

Any claim if you don’t follow the advice of local authorities

Claims if you travel against the advice of a doctor

Travels to get medical advice or treatment

Trips if you’re travelling with a terminal prognosis 

Claims for cancellation or coming home early if you travel against advice or measures that were already announced when you bought your pack or booked your trip (whichever is later).

Optional 12-month upgrades

For an extra one-off fee, you could get a: 

Longer trip upgrade

Designed for trips longer than 31 days. This covers the entire trip for up to 120 days. You’ll need to buy this as soon as you book the trip.

Pre-existing conditions upgrade

We now cover more pre-existing medical conditions, some for free. You can add cover for other family members too.
If you have a valid upgrade, you’ll be covered automatically for any new conditions that occur over 12 months.
We’ll give you an upgrade quote when you buy your pack. This will be valid for 30 days, so you can decide if you want to buy the upgrade.


RAC breakdown cover in the UK and Europe

Get roadside assistance, national recovery and onward travel to anywhere in the UK, plus cover if your vehicle won’t start at home.

What’s covered

Personal vehicles, whether you’re the driver or the passenger

Electric cars 

Unlimited callouts in the UK

Support on the myRAC app, where you can report your breakdown in 30 seconds 

Transport to the nearest garage within 10 miles if we can’t repair your vehicle at the side of the road

A hire vehicle, alternative transport (for example, a train or plane) or overnight accommodation to help you complete your journey

Access to RAC Rewards for discounts and offers on all things motoring, plus discounts on days out, dining, holidays and gym memberships.

Terms and conditions apply for the myRAC app and RAC Rewards. For more information, register for the myRAC app or visit rewards.rac.co.uk/barclays/terms-and-conditions

What’s not covered

Anyone other than your nominated partner or any other family members, such as your children

Vehicles used for business purposes

Company cars 

Any breakdowns or accidents that happened before you bought this pack

Costs of any vehicle parts or repairs completed in a garage.


Just need UK breakdown cover for roadside and at home?

Our Breakdown Cover Pack offers UK roadside and at home rescue for £9 a month.

Phone showing Insurance packs: Tech Packs and Travel and Breakdown Packs.

How to get our Travel Pack

It takes a few minutes to apply for our Travel Pack in the Barclays app or Online Banking.

To apply for a pack, you’ll need to have an eligible current account with us.

Download the Barclays app to get our Travel Pack

Tap the logo you need, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store.

Important Information

Travel Pack Insurance Product Information Document (Travel IPID)

Travel Pack Insurance Product Information Document (Breakdown Cover IPID)

Travel Pack terms and conditions

Changes to terms and conditions

We made some changes to our Travel Plus Pack terms and conditions on 24 April 2023. If you bought your pack before this date, your terms and conditions haven’t changed and you can find them in ‘Statements and documents’ in the Barclays app.