Welcome to Launchpad

Help create the future of the Barclays app

Launchpad lets you test new features we’re developing for our app – and by telling us what you think, you can help make them even better.

What is Launchpad?

We’re always working to make the Barclays app even better, but we can’t do it alone. The new features we’re building need testing before they’re ready for everyone to use – and that’s where you come in.

Launchpad lets you try out new features long before they’re released. Whether you think we’ve nailed it, have improvements to make or need to go back to the drawing board, we want your feedback.

We’ll also ask you quick questions and give you the chance to take part in surveys that help us understand your evolving needs. 

Using Launchpad

Mobile phone illustration with images on it and message saying, Launchpad on.


To switch Launchpad on or off, select ‘More’ on your app’s home screen, then ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Launchpad’. You can turn Launchpad on or off here.

If you change to a different smartphone or tablet, just install and register the Barclays app on your new device and you can use Launchpad straight away.

Mobile phone illustration with message saying, Manage regular payments


Tap the floating Launchpad rocket button anywhere in the Barclays app to access the Launchpad ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘Give feedback’ tabs.

The ‘i’ symbol appears on the button whenever there’s something new in Launchpad – just tap the button to see what’s new. 

Mobile phone illustration with images on it and message saying, Manage regular payments.


When you switch Launchpad on, you’ll also be able to see and use work-in-progress features we’re testing in the Barclays app.

Launchpad features tagged as ‘Featured’ are ones we want to draw particular attention to, while those tagged as ‘Last chance’ will be removed from the newsfeed within seven days. You don’t have to try these – it’s just to tell you they won’t be available to test for much longer.

Mobile phone illustration with images on it and message saying, Give feedback.


To help us keep improving, you can use the ‘Give feedback’ tool in Launchpad whenever you have thoughts you’d like to share with us – you can give us feedback about anything, not just the features that you’re testing.

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