Payments to India

Formatting guide

Our guide to correctly formatting the purpose for payments you make to India.

Banking regulation in India requires a certain level of information about the payment you’re making. You’ll need to choose a purpose for your payment, as well as specific information to support it. Without this information, your payment could be cancelled, delayed or rejected.

To support you with this, when you make a payment online, you’ll be asked to choose one of the 15 payment types listed below. We’ll then ask you to include payment details that need to be formatted in a certain way, to match the purpose chosen. Details of what to include can be found below and will also be shown when you make the payment online.

If you’re not making the payment online, you’ll need to provide the purpose of payment and supporting details to the Barclays colleague you speak to. In most cases these should be covered by the information on this page, but if you can’t find a relevant payment purpose, refer to our payment formatting guide. [PDF, 483KB]

Online Banking purposes
  1. Personal gifts: include the purpose/your residency status/relationship to the recipient
  2. Religious or charitable donation: include the FCRA number
  3. Payment for educational services: for example, fees
  4. Family maintenance and savings: from an Indian non-resident
  5. Exports payments after shipment: not to Nepal or Bhutan
  6. Exports advance payments: not to Nepal or Bhutan
  7. Loan payment
  8. Salary payment: to employees
  9. Office maintenance: include UIN
  10. Travel: bookings
  11. Reimbursement: of expenses
  12. House maintenance: payment to caretaker
  13. Foreign direct investment: details required
  14. Legal fees: details required
  15. Corporate payments: include nature of goods or services

If you want to buy a property in India, please contact one of our branches or use Telephone Banking, where available. Details of the information you’ll need can be found below.