Barclays Mobile Banking app terms and conditions

25 March 2014


We have revised the Barclays Mobile Banking terms as follows:

  • To update the open source software used in the BMB Windows App (see condition 5.3 below)

Please read and accept these terms and conditions to use the Barclays Mobile Banking app. You can also download a copy of the latest terms and conditions from https://www.barclays.co.uk/mobilebankingapp.

Barclays Mobile Banking terms and conditions

Created on 25 March 2014


Barclays Mobile Banking (“BMB”) is a form of online banking and account management service. BMB is available to bank account customers of Barclays Bank PLC in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. You must be aged 16 or over and have a Barclays current account to use BMB.

Before you can use BMB you will need to download the BMB app and register and match your mobile number with a Barclays current account. You will then be able to access and manage your Barclays accounts and related services including current accounts, savings, mortgages or Barclaycards using BMB.

If you are registering an account with more than one signatory (such as a joint or business account) you must check with the other account holders or signatories that they are happy for you to register for the service.

If you are registered for Barclays Online Banking and you have a PINsentry device, you can use functionality in the app in place of the PINsentry device to generate an authentication code for logging into Barclays Online Banking and authorising or setting up payments in Barclays Online Banking. 

The BMB app currently only works on compatible Smartphones running Android 2.3, iOS 5.0, BlackBerry 5.0 and Windows Phone 8.0. We may change the version of the operating system the BMB app works with at any time. Some features may not be available on all platforms or operating systems, visit our website for more information.

You must not download the app from anywhere other than a store approved by us, or install or use it on a jail-broken or rooted device. If we allow you to upload images or other content to the app, you must not upload or store inappropriate or illegal images or content. If you use functionality in the app which accesses information on your device to work (for example to upload content), you consent to the app accessing your device and information.

You may be charged by your service provider for internet access on your Smartphone. If you are a business customer, you may be charged for transactions depending on your tariff.

Visit https://www.barclays.co.uk/mobilebankingapp for more information and full terms and conditions. Full terms and conditions can also be accessed through the BMB app. We can refuse to register you for BMB and can place limits or restrictions on how you use BMB.


These additional conditions relate to the use of Barclays Mobile Banking and supplement and amend the general terms which apply to the Barclays account you register for BMB ("General Terms").