Future of cheques

Pay in Barclays cheques with Mobile Cheque Imaging

Help us test mobile cheque deposits using your Barclays Mobile Banking app. Just email us at mobilechequedepositpilot@barclays.com1.

Bringing cheque processing into the 21st century

You’ve sent us plenty of questions and suggestions regarding the future of cheques. We’ve listened, and we’ve been working with the Government, industry and other banks to bring the cheque payment system into the 21st century.

The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (which manages the cheque-clearing system) has announced that from 30 October 2017, there’ll be a new, image-based clearing system. And from the second half of 2018, all UK banks will use this new system.

By the end of 2018, you’ll have:

Faster access to your money

Deposited cheques will clear and be available to you by 23:59 the next weekday (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). 

More options for paying in cheques

You can still do it in a branch, but you’ll also be able to use your Barclays Mobile Banking app by taking a photo of the cheque with your smartphone’s camera.

We’ll start introducing these changes from 30 October 2017, and we’ll send updates over the coming months, as we launch new products and services.

Cheques that don’t clear

There are times when a cheque you pay in using your mobile banking app may need to be returned. For example, the account the cheque’s from may not have enough money in it to make the payment, or there may be a problem with the signature or date.

If that happens, we’ll write to you explaining why the cheque didn’t clear.

Apply to try it for yourself

You can experience the benefits of the new system before cheque imaging is introduced in the UK by joining our mobile cheque imaging pilot. You’ll then be able to pay in up to 4 Barclays cheques every 7 days (20 cheques every 7 days for business customers) for amounts up to £500, using the Barclays Mobile Banking app on your smartphone or iPad. Please email us at mobilechequedepositpilot@barclays.com to join1.

We’ll keep you informed about our plans to make cheques a sustainable, secure and convenient payment method for the future.