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Today, the majority of share dealing takes place online, but physical share certificates do still exist. You may hold one of these physical certificates if you inherited shares or invested before the age of electronic trading. If this is the case, you can deposit or lodge your certificate with an online brokerage account.

Why lodge your share certificates with Smart Investor?

Managing and keeping track of your investments is easier and more secure online. With just one simple instruction, we’ll arrange for your share certificates to be converted to electronic shares, which is referred to as ‘lodging’. You can then view them alongside any other investments you hold with us, giving you a complete picture of your portfolio on one screen.

Here are a few more reasons why lodging your shares with us is a smart choice:

Buying and selling shares online is simple and straightforward

Storing your certificates electronically reduces the risk of loss, theft or damage

Our online tracker will keep you updated with the progress of your lodgement as it happens

Once you lodge your share certificates with us, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of investing with Smart Investor:

A cutting-edge service that makes investing easy

Low and simple transaction fees with no hidden charges

One home for your Barclays’ online banking and investments

Expert research and tools to help you make smarter investment decisions

How does it work?

First, you need a Smart Investor Investment Account as current ISA rules mean you can’t lodge certificates into an investment ISA. Next you need to complete a simple online lodgement request, send us the forms that are automatically generated along with your share certificates and we’ll take care of the rest. We recommend using special delivery to make sure your certificates arrive safely.

Make sure you’ve got access to your certificates, including the registered name. The name on the certificate must match exactly the name on the lodgement request. If it doesn’t, the lodgement request will fail. Take a photo of your certificate so you have a record of the information in case it gets lost or damaged.

How much will it cost to lodge my share certificates?

There is no charge to lodge your share certificates.

What do I need to know?

  • We can only accept shares that we offer on the Smart Investor platform. You can search for your shares during your lodgement request
  • If you can’t find your shares, the name may have changed during a corporate action. Ask your registrar for advice
  • You can’t sell your shares until the lodgement is completed.

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