Relationship breakdown

Supporting you during difficult times

If you’re going through a separation or experiencing financial abuse, here’s some guidance to help you keep your money safe, and where to go for further support.

Taking control of your everyday finances

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Separating your finances

From updating your insurance to removing an additional cardholder, here are eight practical steps you can take to help you manage your money during and after a relationship breakdown or divorce.

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Creating a budget

If you’re going through a relationship breakdown or divorce, your budget is likely to change. Here are seven everyday money management tips to help you plan, adapt and stay in control.

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Help protect your money

It only takes a convincing phone call, clever letter or persuasive sales patter to let fraudsters get hold of your cash. Here’s how to be fraud aware – including staying alert to romance scams.

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Changing your name

If you’ve changed your name, or are planning to, here’s how to update it on your accounts, cards, statements and any products you have with us.

Finances and your family

You’ll have more than money on your mind – here’s how you can prepare for upcoming changes and seek legal advice if you need to, as well as who you can turn to for help.

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Calculating what your separation could cost

Trying to understand the bigger financial picture? MoneyHelper has a useful guide to help you work out how much your relationship breakdown could cost.

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Know your rights

Check gov.uk for practical information about your rights and responsibilities when ending a marriage or civil partnership, including when you might want legal support regarding your children, property and money. 

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Getting legal help

For more information on accessing free or affordable legal help, visit this guide from Citizens Advice. 

Financial and domestic abuse

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Helping you during financial abuse

If your money’s being controlled by someone else or you’re not allowed to be financially independent, we’re here to help you. Here’s a set of steps you can take to protect your money, and where to find further support.

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Spot the signs of financial abuse

Find out more about what financial abuse is and what to do if you, or someone you know, is being exploited by a partner, relative, friend or carer. 

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Help stop domestic abuse

We’re committed to supporting the Government’s #YouAreNotAlone campaign – to find out more go to gov.uk.