Instant Cash ISA

Earn tax-free interest with instant access to your whole balance

Make the most of your 2024/2025 ISA allowance of £20,000.

If you already bank with us, you can open an account in the Barclays app1 or Online Banking.

If you’d like help applying in the app, you can book a video appointment.

Already have an Instant Cash ISA? Pay into your account or top up your ISA.

If you don't already bank with us, you can book a branch appointment.

Grow your balance and make the most of your annual 2024-25 ISA allowance of £20,000.

  • 1.66% AER/1.65% tax-free per year.2 on balances up to £10,000
  • 1.21% AER/1.20% tax-free per year.2 on balances over £10,000
  • Instant access to your money
  • Open from £1. If you want to save regularly, you can set up a standing order
  • Open and manage your account using our app, Online Banking, by phone1 or in a branch
  • Transfer-in an existing ISA in just 3 steps
  • Create a savings goal in the app and track your progress.

Summary box

Account name
Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1

What is the interest rate?
Effective from 1 September 2023


Tax-free p.a.%








Interest rates are banded. This means that you’ll earn the higher rate on the first £10,000 of your balance and the lower rate on the additional balance over £10,000.

For example, if you had a balance of £10,100 interest would be calculated at the higher rate on the first £10,000 of your balance and the lower rate on the additional £100.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months, based on a £1,000 deposit and a deposit for each band of interest?

Deposit amount

Estimated value after a year





The estimated value is based on no change to the interest rate during 12 months and no withdrawals made

Can Barclays change the interest rate?

Yes, rates are variable. We can increase or decrease the interest rates for the reasons set out in our ‘Barclays and you’ booklet, which is available in branch, or you can read our Terms and conditions for Personal customers. Both also explain when we may change the interest rates, and the notice we’ll give you.


How do I open and manage my account?

You can open an account online, in the Barclays app, in branch or over the phone. Please see the ‘How to apply’ section below for more details.

You can manage your account in branch, or using Online Banking, the Barclays app or Telephone Banking – provided you’re registered.

The minimum opening balance allowed is £0 if the Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1 is being funded by an ISA transfer-in, otherwise the minimum deposit is £1.


To apply for our Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1, you must

  • Be aged 18 or above
  • Be resident in the UK for tax purposes
  • Open this ISA for yourself

In order to subscribe to a cash ISA, you can’t have or used your total annual ISA allowance in any combination of permitted ISAs during the same tax year.

Can I withdraw money?

Yes, you’ll have instant access to your money so you can make withdrawals.

Additional information

  • Money withdrawn from your Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1 and put back into the account within the same tax year doesn’t count towards your annual ISA allowance
  • Transfers-in and transfers-out from and to other ISAs are allowed  
  • You can offset your savings account in a Barclays offset mortgage – but if you do, you won't earn any interest on your savings
  • We may withdraw the availability of Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1 at any time without notice. This will only apply to new accounts opened from that time

Why choose this account

  • You can access your money via Online Banking, the Barclays app, Telephone Banking or by visiting in branch
  • Open with £1 or transfer-in an existing ISA in just three steps
  • Transfer-in an existing ISA in just three steps


Terms and conditions

For additional information, download our Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1 terms and conditions [PDF, 232KB]

How to apply

There are different ways to apply, depending on whether or not you bank with us.

Register for Online Banking

Open and manage your accounts online.

More ways to save

If this savings account isn't what you’re looking for, we have other options for you to consider.

Help to Buy: ISA

Manage your savings

The Help to Buy: ISA has closed to new savers, but you can add money to one you’ve already opened until 30 November 2029.

If you already have a Help to Buy: ISA, you can now set up a savings goal in the Barclays app3 and track your progress.