Choosing travel insurance

Find cover that’s right for you

From different policies to types of cover, read our top tips on how to choose travel insurance that’s right for you.

Where to start

There are 2 important things you’ll need before going on holiday: travel insurance and, if you’re travelling within the EEA, an EHIC.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free and entitles you to free and reduced emergency healthcare in EEA countries and Switzerland. But you’ll still need travel insurance, and the type you get depends on your needs.

Choosing your coverage

Most travel insurance policies have strict limitations and exclusions. It’s best to check the full wording of the policy before you choose – that way you can make sure you’ll be completely covered in case you need to make a claim.

These are the most common things that people might need travel insurance for, so it’s wise to check if they’re covered in the policy you’re considering.

Cancellation of holiday

You may need to cancel your holiday due to illness, adverse weather conditions or a strike.

Pre-existing medical conditions and medical expenses

Some policies only cover emergency medication, so make sure you declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions.

Missed departures

If you miss your flight due to traffic or a breakdown you might need extra travel or accommodation.

Baggage cover

Something may happen to your personal baggage or you might have a baggage delay. These are treated as separate things, so make sure you get covered for both.

Personal liability

If you accidently damage or lose something that doesn’t belong to you, you may be obliged to pay for it. Personal liability may cover the costs incurred.

Different types of insurance


If you go on holiday more than twice a year, you might want to consider annual travel insurance – which will cover you for a whole year. But you’ll need to check on the policy wording for the maximum length your trip can be.


If you’re only going on one holiday, single travel insurance might be the cheaper option. This should cover you for the entire length of your trip. However, if you’re going on a long holiday you might need to buy an extension or get extra cover.

What you should know about your policy

Once you’ve chosen a policy, there are a few things you should know about it.

Firstly, it’s important that you know the start date of your policy. Sometimes the policy will officially begin when you’ve booked the holiday rather than when you depart. This can be a good thing – if the unexpected happens and you have to cancel your holiday, you’ll be covered, even before you go.

You should also have all of your insurance details to hand when you go away, including your policy number and any telephone numbers. This is because you can make a claim while you’re away as well as at home, and sometimes a quick response can work in your favour. There are sometimes time limits on making a claim. For example, you may need to report loss or theft within a given timeframe.

What we offer

We offer tailored insurance policies and a selection of Packs to keep you and your family covered. Our Travel Packs include airport lounge access, UK and European breakdown cover and card protection for all your purchases 1.

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