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Authorised users

Give people you trust access to your account

Invite someone to be an additional cardholder or account supervisor today in the Barclays app, in a branch or over the phone. For now, they’ll need to bank with us.

Authorised user roles

Designed to fit your needs on a temporary or on a long-term basis.

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Additional cardholder

Someone to spend on your behalf 

You can give up to four people an extra debit card to spend from your account, for £3 per month.

You’ll be in control of how and where they can use it.

To use this service, you can send your trusted person an invitation from your app.

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Account supervisor

Help with managing your finances

They can see your balance, past and recent transactions. You can also let them set controls on your debit card.

You control what level of access and permissions they have, so you can let someone help with your banking without handing over control of your account.

To use this free service, you can send your trusted person an invitation from your app.

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Other options

There may be circumstances where you want to share more control of your finances or might need additional help with managing your money. Whether you need short-term or long-term support, or are simply planning for the future, there are other options available, which can include debit cards, like power of attorney or third-party access.

You’ll need to decide carefully what works best for you. 



How to set up authorised users

Once you've decided that setting up an authorised user is right for you.

1. Sign up

You can apply to add authorised users in the app, in a branch or over the phone.

To use the app

  1. Open your app
  2. Tap on ‘More’
  3. Tap ‘Manage account’
  4. Select ‘Authorised users’

2. Your authorised user responds 

A notification will immediately be sent to the person you’ve chosen as your authorised user. They’ll need to accept within seven days.

Authorised users need to bank with us to be eligible.

3. Control settings

See and change your authorised user’s permissions and controls. 

4. Manage your account

Review an additional cardholder’s spending as it happens and manage your account supervisor’s access. Or remove them from your account with a click of a button, if you choose to.

What’s right for you?

Review the authorised user roles we offer and read example user cases, to see which suits your circumstances.

  • Additional cardholder

    Additional cardholder

    How an additional cardholder can help you on a temporary or on a long-term basis.

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    Household support

    Manage and oversee expenses for your household support like a child minder, for example. They’ll be able to spend from your account without being able to see your balance and transactions.

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    Care support

    Stay in control of your account while making it safe and easy for others to run errands and go shopping on your behalf.

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    Partnership support

    A way to share your account with someone you trust without the commitment of a joint current account.

    People going travelling.

    Family support

    Set a teenage child or dependant up with a card from your account, where you can keep an eye on their spending and help them out when it really matters. 

  • Account supervisor

    Account supervisor

    How someone can help you manage your finances on a temporary or on a long-term basis.

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    Need a helping hand?

    If you have money worries, you’re concerned about scams or need help controlling your spending, then having someone you trust supervise your accounts could help. 

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    Co-managed account

    A parent or close friend could oversee your account with you, if you don’t feel fully able to do it on your own.

You're in control

No matter the role you add, you’ll still be in full control of your account. There are different levels of control you can have, depending on the type of authorised user you sign up.

Additional cardholder controls

As the account holder, you can

Control the card at any time in your app, in a branch or over the phone 

See all transactions made on the card you’ve given to a card holder as they happen

Set limits on the amount that can be spent per transaction and withdrawn from cash machines, or prevent spending at certain places – for example, gambling websites 

Your additional cardholder will

Receive an extra debit card from your account 

Be able to spend in shops, online, over the phone and withdraw money from cash machines

See their transactions in their app and in a branch 

They won’t be able to see your balance and transactions, unless you give them permission to do so

Account supervisor controls

As the account holder, you can

Give them permission to see your balance and transactions 

If you wish, you can let them

  • Prevent your card being used at certain places – for example, gambling websites
  • Set cash withdrawal and spending limits  
  • Freeze cards, report a lost or stolen card, and order a replacement 

Review and change their permissions at any time in your app, in a branch or over the phone

Remove access completely with a tap of a button in the app 

The account supervisor will

Be able to see your balance and transactions to help you manage your account based on the controls and permissions you’ve set for them

They won’t be able to spend from your account 

Manage authorised users in the Barclays app

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For the best experience, you’ll need to get the Barclays app to manage authorised users. Once you’ve registered, follow these steps to get started

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Tap on ‘More’ on the home screen
  3. Tap ‘Manage account’
  4. Select ‘Authorised users’

If you want to remove someone’s access, you can do that in the same place in your app at any time. Just choose who you want to remove, then tap ‘Remove authorised user’.

You can also manage this service in a branch or over the phone.

For more information on how to manage your authorised user, we have some online guides.

Compare your options

The services you can use depend on the type of access you add to your account.

Questions Authorised users – additional cardholders Authorised users – account supervisors Other options – third-party authority Other options – power of attorney
Can I sign up in the Barclays app?        
Will I be able to offer trusted people a debit card for my account?        
Can I set permissions for trusted people to spend from my account?        
Can I set permissions for trusted people to control my cards and see my balance and transactions?        
Can I let the trusted people see my account balance and transactions?        
Can the trusted people see my account details and permissions in their app?        
Can the trusted people set spending controls on my account if I let them? Such as maximum spending, transaction and withdrawal limits, and controls on where spending can happen?        
Will the trusted people need to register with authorities?        
Can the trusted people make payments on the account (for example, money transfers, BIPS/SEPA or CHAPS payments), set up, amend or cancel Direct Debits, standing orders or request things like a chequebook or statements?        
Where can I sign up? The Barclays app, over the phone or in a branch. Over the phone or in a branch.
How much does it cost? £3 per month (for up to four cardholders) Free Free There may be legal costs for registering a power of attorney 


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