Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee

Our promise to you

If you’re a victim of fraud when using the Barclays app or Online Banking, we’ll refund any money taken from your account.

Our promise to you

When you use our Online Banking Online Banking password* and the Barclays app, you're automatically protected by our Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee. This means that, if a fraudster takes any money from your account, we’ll reverse the transactions so it’s like it never happened. This includes paying money back into your account, refunding any charges and interest you’ve paid, and paying any interest you’ve missed out on.

When we won’t refund you

If we have reasonable grounds to think you’re not entitled to a refund, we might look into your claim first.

We won’t give you a refund if we think you’ve acted fraudulently, and we might involve the police in these cases.

We might not give you a refund if you’ve either deliberately, or with gross negligence

  • Failed to keep your card, PIN, Online Banking password* and other full passwords, PINsentry device, PINsentry codes*, mobile PINsentry codes or mobile device secure; or
  • Failed to tell us as soon as possible that you’ve lost your card or mobile (especially if you think someone else might be able to find or use it)

We won’t refund any payment made before you told us your card or security details were lost or compromised.

Protecting your account

We give you tools that are personal to you, so that you can log in to the Barclays app or Online Banking to carry out transactions.

These include your Online Banking passcodes and memorable word, PINsentry-generated codes and your 5-digit passcode for the Barclays app. You can also use your fingerprint on compatible mobile devices. It’s important you keep this security information and your mobile device PIN safe.

  • Make sure other people can’t read your security information (for example, don’t use a shared email or mobile for banking)
  • Memorise your PIN, password or passcodes and destroy any letter that includes a PIN
  • Choose a PIN, password or passcode that’s difficult to guess (for example, don’t use something like ‘1234’ or your date of birth)
  • Never give your PIN, Online Banking passwords* and other full passwords, or passcode to anyone, or write them down in a way they might be recognised
  • Never share PINsentry-generated codes* with anyone who contacts you
  • Never give someone access to a device, like your computer or mobile, where your details are stored
  • If you’d like to use your fingerprint to log in to the Barclays app, only register your own fingerprints to your mobile device. Don’t activate this feature if you let other people access your mobile device with their fingerprints. We treat any transaction made with a registered fingerprint as authorised by you
  • Contact us as soon as possible if you think someone else has used, or could use, your card, PIN or password
  • Take reasonable care when using our app or Online Banking. Log out at the end of each session and don’t leave your computer or mobile unattended while you’re logged in
  • Carry out regular internet security checks and software updates
  • Comply with the security requirements for your computer or mobile and any other requirements we tell you about

*You can provide your security details to authorised companies that require your security information to provide account information services and payment initiation services. When we say authorised, we mean a company which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or another European regulator to provide the relevant service. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority’s register (available at https://register.fca.org.uk/) will tell you whether a company is authorised. You should always consider the implications of sharing your security credentials and your personal information.

Other ways we protect you

  • Our secure log-in protects your accounts on the Barclays app
  • We'll automatically log you out when you navigate away from our apps, or if you haven’t used our app for 3 minutes or Online Banking for 10 minutes
  • If you use Online Banking, your PINsentry device and Mobile PINsentry tool in the app give you an extra level of protection for more security-sensitive transactions
  • Your security is our priority, but you can take some steps yourself to make using our service even more secure

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