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Credit Manager

Manage and improve your credit score

For £5 a month you can get the support and tools you need to help you manage and improve your credit score.

  • Access your report anytime
  • 24/7 credit profile monitoring and personal alerts
  • PC and smartphone software to help protect your personal information

Credit Report access

  • Credit Report access anytime
  • View online or request copies by post
  • See how your profile compares to the average UK consumer
  • Credit report access is subject to initial validation by Callcredit, with a maximum of one report per day

24/7 credit profile monitoring

  • Credit Manager monitors your credit profile and alerts you to any changes
  • See whether the change is likely to have a positive, negative or neutral impact on your credit score
  • Choose to receive alerts by email or text message

Help improve your credit score

  • Tools and guidance to help you improve your credit score
  • Quarterly statement, with tips on how to improve your score if it's in decline
  • Credit guidance helpline for when you need assistance to improve your profile or remove errors

Identity theft protection benefits

  • Online card monitoring tracks up to 10 of your debit or credit cards, and alerts you to any card details that appear publicly
  • PC and Smartphone protection software that helps protect your personal and financial details against the latest online threats
  • Identity theft helpline – if you believe you’re a victim of identity theft we’ll investigate and help repair the damage to your profile

Terms and conditions

Credit Manager may suit you if

  • You want help to improve your credit rating
  • You want to see how lenders view you before applying for credit
  • You're worried about the safety of your personal and financial information online

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Adding Credit Manager to an existing account?

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