Master your Moneyverse

And make money work for you

We all have our own personal relationship with money - our saving, our spending, our goals and our dreams. This is your Moneyverse. It’s as unique as you are and we can help you become the master of it.

Mastering your Moneyverse will mean something different for everyone – it could be getting into a more regular saving habit, stepping onto the property ladder, having a clear plan for retirement or investing for the future.

From our money-management tools in the Barclays app – spending categories, calendar view and savings goals – to money guidance from our Money Mentors and digital support from our Digital Eagles, we can help you master your Moneyverse. 

The Barclays Money Mentors team doesn’t provide specific, individual financial advice. Your individual circumstances can vary and we recommend that you get professional advice if you need it.

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Master your Moneyverse

A couple are sat together working out bills with a laptop

A budgeting guide for everyone

Seven easy tips for everyday money management

Finances are different for everyone, but there are some tips that work for us all – let’s explore some of them. 

Man at a table smiling.

Take control of your money

10 ways to help get your spending under control right now

When the future is uncertain, getting a grip on your outgoings can be vital. From savvy saving to smart spending, we’ve highlighted actions you can take to help you regain control over your outgoings.

Discover yourself, and get that all-seeing feeling

Uncover the money secrets you didn’t know you had with the Barclays app1. The app gives you insight into your everyday spending, helping you to see clearly where and how you spend, so you can get to know you, a little better.

How to save money quickly

10 fast ways to build your savings

Cutting back on a few non-essential items could be a quick way to help you save a little more each month

A child hugs his father who is working on his laptop

Build savings plan

Simple steps to help boost your finances in a week

Are you making the most of your money? Try our seven simple steps to help refresh your finances and get more from your money.

 A woman standing outdoors looks at her phone

Take care of your credit score

What is it and why is it important?

Buying a house or owning a business might not be on your radar right now, but you should still manage your money today to prepare for your future plans.

Should you save cash or invest?

Find out why some people hold cash and others invest, and take a look at the differences between saving and investing.

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The Barclays app

Master your Moneyverse wherever you are with our range of money-management features on your smartphone or tablet1.


Barclays Money Mentors

Get free and impartial help from Barclays Money Mentors2. You can ask them about anything, from the basics of budgeting to buying your first home.



A free programme designed to help people develop the skills they need for the 21st century workplace.