The Barclays app

The smart way to stay in control of your money

The Barclays app1 is a great tool to help you stay in control and track your spending, as well as to manage your card features. Here are some of the things you can do in the app today – we’ll keep this page updated when we add new features.

Resume your shopping instantly

Lost your card? Freeze it temporarily, or order a new one and get the new card details instantly in the app1 – so you can carry on using it without any interruptions. 

Lost or stolen cards – no problem

Temporarily freeze a card, unfreeze it if you find it or order a new one instantly in the app. 

View your card details

You can see your new card number, expiry date and security code straight away in the app.

View your PIN

Forgotten your PIN? You can get a secure reminder in the app using a few details from your debit card.

Your spending. See the smaller picture

Set up purchase alerts on your phone

You can use the app to set up notifications sent straight to your device every time you spend and receive money – such as confirmation when you’ve made a card payment.

Get itemised digital receipts in your app

When you shop at participating retailers using your Barclays debit card, you can get an itemised receipt delivered straight into your app1.

Your subscriptions. Sorted

See all your subscriptions and regular payments in the app1. There are two ways to do this:

Option One:

1. Log in to the app

2. Tap on the account you want to check

3. Then tap ‘Manage’ and scroll down to see your Direct Debits, standing orders and recurring card payments

Option Two:

1. Log in to the app

2. Tap ‘Pay & transfer’ at the bottom of the home screen

3. Then tap ‘Manage your payments’ and see your Direct Debits, standing orders and recurring card payments

Don’t forget you can also use the app to manage all your regular payments, like Direct Debits and standing orders. 

Manage your contactless limit

You can reduce your contactless limit to an amount under the default £100 in the app. For anything above your chosen limit, you'll have to put your card in the machine and use your PIN. Here’s how to change it

  1. Select ‘Cards’ from the Quick Links or by clicking ‘More’
  2. Select the relevant card using the carousel
  3. Then select ‘Contactless limit’ and set your limit to anywhere between £5 and £100
  4. Select ‘Save’

Don’t forget you can also use the app to switch contactless payments on or off.

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