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Getting married

Managing your money as a married couple

Congratulations – you’re tying the knot! We know a wedding means you’ve got a lot of things to worry about. We can help make sure your finances aren’t one of them.

Save on your wedding venue costs

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be tricky – and costly.

The sooner you start looking for your idyllic location, the better. Costs will be lower and it’s less likely you’ll be turned away because someone else already booked your chosen day.

Try not settle for the first great place you find, either – shopping around and seeing lots of venues will help you get an idea of what’s out there and how much you should be paying.

Once you find that perfect place, pay for it on one of our Barclaycards, so you can manage the cost easier, over time.


Mine, yours, ours

After you’re married, your future will be full of happy moments and deciding how to manage your money can help you achieve them.

Some couples find separate accounts work best for them, while others decide to share an account.

If you do decide to share an account, a joint account* can help

  • Both of you can use a joint account – to pay in cash, make payments or sign cheques
  • Managing your household bills could prove simpler, since you won’t have to work out who’s paid what each month. All of your Direct Debits and standing orders can be paid from the same account
  • You can use your account to pay something specific, like your rent, mortgage or the weekly shop

You don’t have to put all of your cash into a joint account – you can still have separate accounts for your personal spending.

You can agree in advance how much you’re going to pay in each month and what you’ll use the account for. If you have money left over at the end of the month, you can both decide how you’ll spend or save it.

*For a Barclays joint account, you’ll both need to be UK residents, with regular incomes or salaries that you can pay into your joint account. Neither of you need to be existing customers with us, to open your joint account.

A new home for your money

You’ve found your life partner, but you might be wondering whether your bank is the right match for you.

Moving your monthly salary and Direct Debits to us is free and simple.

Ways to budget

42% of couples use pen and paper to keep track of their spending and almost half of all couples rely on one person in the relationship to manage their finances.1

Whether you’re the one in charge or the one who loves to scribble, it’s important to figure out what works best for you.

We suggest you

  • Create a budget – use our budget planner to note everything that comes in and out of your account
  • Take control – where possible, pay your bills by Direct Debit or standing order
  • Start saving – set money aside each month, no matter how little

Make sure you consider whether your income might vary – if your income changes each month, make sure you have enough to cover your essential living costs.

Find out more about how we can help, including tools to help you manage.

Achieving your goals

Your new vows can mean exciting new savings goals. Whether you’re saving for your honeymoon, thinking about having your first child or just looking to add some style to your new home, our Everyday Saver account* will help you see your ambitions through.

*To be eligible for an Everyday Saver, you must be a UK resident, for tax purposes, and you need to be aged 16 years or over.

Changed your name?

If you’ve taken a new name in marriage, you can change your name with us, too.

Just drop by one of our branches with your marriage certificate, or your driving license or passport (make sure they show your new name), and we’ll update our records.

If you can’t visit a branch, you can change your name by post, too.