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How to have a happy financial relationship

Open and honest conversations about money could lead to a stronger relationship with both your partner and your shared Moneyverse.

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Can people with different attitudes to finance find love on a first date like no other? We help couples to communicate clearly about how they manage money by themselves and as part of a couple.

Hi, how are you?

I’m good thank you.


I’m such a sucker for falling love so soon.


I’m getting a vibe.

Oh god.


I’m all about save, save, save.

I’m a spender.

Have your little spend and all of that,

but don’t be asking for my money.

How are you?

Nice to meet you.


Hello. You’ve been matched because

you’re romantically compatible.

But are you financially compatible?

Let’s find out.

Nice to meet you.


What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever bought for someone?

This girl I was with, she had one leg shorter than the other,

just a little bit, and she was really conscious about it.

So I bought her these shoes, as you do, you know baller,

and she kept limping with them.

So, I got the shoemaker to add a little bit on the bottom

so she could wear them.

And then she threw them through

my back window when we split up.

I’ve taken someone to Paris before, as a surprise.

That was quite good.

Wow, I’ve never had anything like that before.




I’ve obviously been meeting up with the wrong men.


Would you ever spend more than you could afford on a date?

I’ve spent beyond my means before.


My parents are all about saving, so they’re always drilling it into

me that the partner I find cannot be impulsive like that.

Yeah ok.

I’m a work hard, play hard kind of girl.

Me too. Geezer; yeah.



Could you see a long-lasting relationship with someone

who feels different to money to you?

I think I naturally save.

I do find it hard to save.

Yeah, one hundred percent.

A spender. Spend. Spender.

I think it’s good to have different opinions.

One hundred percent.

As long as your opinion of financial stability

isn’t going to drag me down.


Buy a house together, or rent a house together?

I think we’re going to have different answers here.


I’m not a renter. It’s just throwing money down the drain. 

Is it though?

You’ve got your own house, whereas I’m still renting.

I’m certainly a big believer in live for today. 


Who’s going to manage all the household bills?

I think Riley, one hundred percent.


I like someone to take control, I’m not going to lie.


How soon in a relationship would you share an account?

I would say probably somewhere between

five months and five years.

It all depends on my trust with that person.

I am up for it.


What is your biggest financial turnoff?

Mine would be tight.

I mean like someone who doesn’t want to spend any money.


How would you rate each other out of ten

on how you look after money?

From what I’ve heard already, I’d give you a nine.

I’d give you maybe a seven or a six.


A six point five.



Your date is complete.

Let’s find out if there’ll be another one.


I think I would be up for a second date with James.

He’s a lovely guy.

Obviously I was very attracted to her.

I would like to see her again.

I’d be happy to give it a go.

I don’t think I was financially compatible with him.

I’d love to see him again; not on a date.

I think it’s healthy to have these conversations

early on in a relationship.

I think if you're going to get that out the way and you're going to

have that level of trust between each other early doors,

so you can talk about money,

then it's definitely a conversation to have.

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