Open Banking

New data sharing and payment options

Now you can choose to share your financial data with registered companies, and to pay in new ways directly from your current account. 

Open Banking explained

Why is it happening?

The aim of Open Banking is to increase competition in the banking industry. It’s an industry-wide change that we’ve been working on with the Competition and Markets Authority and other regulators, banks and registered companies.

What it means for you

You can choose to share data about your accounts with registered companies (known as third-party providers or TPPs), and pay in new ways. It means you can see account information from your other banks all in one place, and make payments through other apps and websites. Whatever you do – it’s completely your choice, and your financial data still belongs to you.

What we’ll be doing

Throughout the year, we’ll be launching new services using Open Banking, designed to make your life easier and to help you make the most of your finances. You can find out more on our mobile banking app page.

  • Sharing data

    There are 2 ways to share your data with third-party providers (TPPs).

        1. Through Open Banking – which will direct you to the Barclays Mobile Banking app or Online Banking, where you'll be asked to give your permission

        2. By providing your log-in details directly to the third party

    Sharing data through Open Banking

    If a registered third party is using Open Banking to access your Barclays data, they’ll always tell you what data they need, why they need it, and will ask you to give your permission. They’ll then pass you on to us, either via Barclays Mobile Banking or Online Banking, where we’ll detail their request and ask you to confirm your permission. Once you’ve given your permission, we’ll share that data with the third party on your behalf.

    Sharing data by giving out log-in details

    Outside Open Banking, some providers might ask you to share your log-in details as part of their data sharing solution. If you decide to give them your details, they’ll be able to log in to your account as if they’re you – this is known as screen scraping. This may mean that the company can access a wider range of information.

    Key differences

    • When you’re using Open Banking, you’ll never be asked to share your log-in details
    • When you’re using Open Banking, you’ll always be asked to give your permission through Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking
    • When you share your log-in details the third party will be able to access more data – whereas with Open Banking, you decide what you share and why
    • When you’re using Open Banking, you’ll be able to cancel your permission at any time either through a TPP or Barclays – whereas when you share your log-in details directly with a TPP, you’ll only be able to request cancellations through them

    Whenever you share your data, you should only share it with registered TPPs. You can check this on the FCA’s list of approved providers.

  • Making payments

    Open Banking can also be used to make payments directly from your current account. It’s a new way to pay through third-party apps or websites.

    How it works 

    1. The third party will confirm the payment amount and ask if you want to pay directly from your bank account. You’ll need to confirm that you bank with us before you continue.
    2. You’ll be passed on to Barclays Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking.
    3. We’ll show you a summary of your payment, the amount and where your money will be going – if you have more than one current account with us, you’ll need to confirm which account you’d like the money to be taken from.
    4. Once you’ve given your permission, the third party will make the payment directly from your account.
  • Staying in control

    1. You’ll always have to give your permission first
    2. You’ll always need to give us your explicit permission in Online Banking or your Barclays Mobile Banking app before any data or payment information is shared. If you decide to share your Barclays account data with another provider, we’ll always tell you exactly what data you’re sharing.

      When you provide your permission, we’ll send you an email to explain your sharing options. We’ll also send you a text message when you set up a new consent or cancel an existing one. If you receive a text message and don’t have access to Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking, please contact us in your usual way.

      To check who you’ve already agreed to share data with, or to alter your existing permissions, go to the ‘Manage third parties’ section of your mobile banking app, or the ‘Manage permissions’ section of Online Banking.

    3. You can check your payments and how your data is shared
    4. You can review your permissions at any time in Barclays Mobile Banking and Online Banking. We'll also ask you to check these permissions every 90 days

      If you’d like to check the details of past payments made using Open Banking, visit the ‘Payment permissions history’ section within ‘Manage payments’ in your app, or ‘Payment history’ in Online Banking.

    5. It’s your choice
    6. Remember, in every case, sharing data is completely your choice. If you decide to stop sharing data, we won’t send any more data to the TPP. However, the data we have shared while you did give your permission may still be stored by the third party – you should contact them to understand what they will use it for

      You can manage and amend your permissions at any time in the ‘Permission control centre’ in Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking. You can also switch ‘Allow my data to be shared’ to off in the ‘Manage third parties’ section if you don’t want to share your Barclays data. You can reverse this whenever you change your mind – either directly through a TPP or via Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking.

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