Barclays Global Markets Funds

For consistent, reliable long-term returns

Gain exposure to a range of asset classes from around the world through our combination of index-tracking funds that aim to provide consistent, reliable, and long-term returns that also keep your costs low.

About Barclays Global Markets

The aim of the Barclays Global Markets Fund is to provide you with capital growth and income over the long term. The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.

Smoother returns

Your portfolio will be broadly diverse to capture the growth potential in both developed and emerging economies. This should help to better manage the overall risk of investing and help generate smoother returns.

Transparent portfolio

You’ll have access to a globally diversified portfolio of index funds in a fund-of-funds structure. As index funds have transparent portfolio holdings, you’ll know exactly where your money is being invested.

Choice of five funds

You can choose from five funds available in pound sterling, each with a different blend of asset classes to suit your investment objectives. With investments in foreign securities, the value and income may be impacted by changes in exchange rates between currencies.

Global expertise

This fund combines our expertise with that of BlackRock, a global leader in index funds. You’ll benefit from our research and asset allocation, as well as BlackRock’s experience in implementing passive products and portfolios.

Lower costs and tax efficient

Index-tracking funds can offer significant cost advantages over actively managed funds because of their lower trading and research costs. You also won’t be liable for Capital Gains Tax when we buy or sell funds within the portfolio, whereas you would be if you managed it yourself. However, you may need to pay Capital Gains Tax when you sell your investment in the fund.

Things to consider

This is not advice or a recommendation to select any of these funds, nor are we suggesting these funds are the best solution to providing the kind of returns that we describe.

Before making any decisions, you should speak to your Wealth Manager about alternatives that could meet your needs.

Bear in mind that tax rules can change and their benefit to you will depend on your circumstances. We don’t offer tax advice.

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Remember, investments can fall as well as rise in value – you may get back less than you invest.

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