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e-savings Reward

e-saving rewards
  • Online exclusive. Ideal if you have extra money to put away each month
  • Get a higher rate for months when you don't make a withdrawal
  • Open from as little as £1
  • Higher rate of 1.00% AER / gross pa 1 for months when you don't make withdrawals
  • Lower rate of 0.60% AER/gross pa / gross pa 1 for months in which a withdrawal is made
  • Both rates include a 0.50% gross pa 12-month introductory bonus 2
  • All rates are variable and interest is paid monthly
  • Open your online savings account from as little as £1 and save up to £2 million
  • Instant transfers between your Barclays current and online savings accounts
  • Optional ATM card to withdraw up to £300 per day from a Barclays cash machine 3
  • Manage your account online

Key product information for our savings accounts - e-savings Reward

Account name e-savings Reward
Interest rates (AERs) e-savings Reward
Tax status Interest will be paid net of basic rate income tax. UK resident non- taxpayers can register with us to receive gross interest.
Conditions for bonus payment Rates include an introductory bonus of 0.50% gross pa. The bonus will be paid for 12 months from the date you open your account with a minimum of £1, after which time the rates will reduce accordingly. We may change the bonus offer at any time without notice.
Withdrawal arrangements Withdrawals can be made at any time. Higher interest rates are paid where no withdrawals have been made in the previous month. Lower interest rates are paid where one or more withdrawals have been made in the previous calendar month.
Access Online. Barclays cash machine with an optional savings cash card.

Terms and Conditions

These additional conditions relate to the e-Savings Reward account and supplement and amend the general conditions of your Customer Agreement with us (Barclays Bank PLC). In the event of any inconsistency between these additional conditions and the general conditions of the Customer Agreement, these terms will apply in relation to the e-Savings Reward account.

1. Availability

1.1 To have this account you must be at least 18 and resident in the UK for tax purposes. You can have only two e-Savings Reward accounts at any given time held either in sole or joint names.

1.2 This account cannot form part of any Openplan or offset mortgage arrangement.

1.3 An ATM card is available on the account upon request to make cash withdrawals from this account.

2. e-savings Reward Account Terms

2.1 You can only operate your account using our online banking service.

Payments into and out of the account

2.2 You must make an initial deposit of £1 when you open the account.

2.3 Once the account is open you can make deposits of any amount at any time until the amount in the account (including any interest paid we have added to the account) is £2,000,000.

2.4 If you go over this limit we will return the amount of the balance that is in excess of £2,000,000.

2.5 You can only make a payment into the account:

(a) by transfer from your Barclays account(s) using Barclays online banking service;

(b) by standing order;

(c) by transfer made directly to the account from a UK bank account;

2.6 You can make payments out of the account at any time without notice but only by:

(a) transfer of funds to another of your Barclays accounts using Barclays online banking service or

(b) using an ATM card. If you do make a payment out of the account interest is payable at the lower E-Savings Reward rate for that month.


2.7 The interest rate depends on whether any withdrawals have been made from the account. We pay interest on the first working day of the each month (or when the account is closed):

a) At the higher e-Savings Reward rate as long as you have made no payments out of the account, since the account was opened in the case of the first month, or interest was last paid into the account, but otherwise;

b) At the lower e-Savings Reward rate.

2.8 Current interest rates are set out in our interest rate leaflet and on our website.

Cooling Off
If you are not happy with your account, you have a 14 day period in which to contact us to cancel your account or switch to another account. This period begins on the date your account is opened or the date you receive your terms and conditions and other account information, whichever is the later. If you contact us within this period to cancel or switch your account, we will refund any account fees you may have paid. However, if you cancel or switch your account at a later date, you will not be refunded the account fees that you have paid. If you wish to cancel or switch your account, you should tell us by writing to Barclays Bank PLC, Leicester Servicing Centre, Leicester LE87 2BB.

Your Feedback
We want to hear from you if you feel unhappy with the service you have received from us. Letting us know your concerns gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and improve our service to all our customers.

You can complain in person at your branch, in writing, by email or by telephone. A leaflet detailing how we deal with complaints is available on request in any of our branches, from the Barclays Information Line on 0800 400 100 4 or at  www.barclays.co.uk . Alternatively you can write to Barclays, Leicester LE87 2BB.

If we do not resolve your complaint internally to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR (Tel: 0845 080 1100 4 ). The Financial Ombudsman Service is an organisation set up by law to give consumers a free and independent service for resolving disputes with financial firms. Details of those who are eligible complainants can be obtained from the Financial Ombudsman Service.

This could suit you if:

  • You want an easy-to-open online savings account
  • You're happy to manage your savings online
  • You're serious about long-term saving

See our alternative accounts if:

  • You need an account you can manage by phone or in branch
  • You want to make regular withdrawals
  • See other savings accounts

Apply for e-savings Reward

  • Open an account in Online Banking if you're a member
  • Register for Online Banking 5 if you're not yet a member
  • You don't have to be a Barclays customer to apply
  • You can only manage the account online
  • You need to be at least 18 to apply and can open a maximum of two accounts


Important information
1. Gross is the rate of interest payable before income tax is deducted. Interest is payable gross to non-taxpayers subject to the required certification. AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.
2. We may withdraw or change the bonus offer at any time without notice. Bonus is payable for 12 months from the date of the account opening with a minimum balance of £1 after which time the rate will reduce accordingly.
3. Subject to you having available funds.
4. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Calls to 0800 numbers are free when calling from a UK landline. Charges may apply when using a mobile phone or when calling from abroad. Call charges
5. You need a Barclays current account and your debit card to register for Barclays Online Banking.