Claiming your money if your address is outside the UK

How to claim your money if your address is outside the UK

If we contacted you to let you know we closed your savings and/or current account because your address is outside the UK, you can find out how to claim your money below.

You can only claim your money if your account is closed. If your account is still open, you don’t need to submit a claim. You can withdraw your money and close your account instead.

If we’ve closed your account

You can submit a claim for the money in your account, plus any interest you might’ve earned since it closed. You can do this online, by posting a request to us or visiting one of our UK branches.

You can submit a claim for all your savings, current accounts and cash ISAs together on the same form. If you want to submit a claim for someone else, you’ll need to do this on a separate form. 

If you tell us on the claim form that you want to keep your UK tax-free benefits on your cash ISA savings, we’ll open a new account for each cash ISA you’re claiming for, and pay your cash ISA balances to these accounts.

If you're living outside the UK, you'll need to transfer the balance from each new account we open for you to another UK cash ISA provider within two months of us opening the account. We’ll write to you with the new account details and let you know what you need to do next if you still live outside the UK.

How to submit a claim

Important information

1. If you ask us to make an international payment, or if you’re claiming money from a currency account, we’ll pay out in the currency that the account is held in, unless you tell us otherwise. The person receiving the payment may have to pay charges to their bank.

2. If you ask us to make a payment in another currency, the exchange rate will be calculated by applying a FX margin to the ‘Barclays Reference Exchange Rate’. You can find more information, including details of any fees and restrictions, by contacting us or visiting our International payments page. 


When will you get your money?

We’ll aim to process your claim and send your money within 15 working days of receiving your completed form and all supporting certified documents. If we send you a cheque, the time it’ll take to get to you will depend on your local postal service.

Please make sure you provide all the required documents with your completed claim form. Missing information will lead to delays.

If you choose to keep your UK tax-free benefits on your cash ISA savings and instruct us to open a new account for your cash ISA balance, this might take longer to process.