Phone number checker

Unsure if a phone number is genuine?

Use our checker to confirm if a phone number is a genuine Barclays number.

Check a number

Put a phone number into the checker, and it’ll confirm whether or not it’s a genuine Barclays number. Remember – Barclays will never call or text you and ask for your Card PIN, Telephone or Online Banking password, or to provide a PINsentry Code.

Please make sure you enter the number correctly and in full – you may need to remove the country code.

You can use this tool to check numbers from any Barclays department that makes outbound calls or sends communications – for example, the number may have been sent to you via text message. If the number is not recognised, please don’t call it or accept calls from it.


Please ensure the number is entered correctly (eg 0345 734 5345).


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