Barclays app ID

A safe, easy way for us to know it’s you and for you to know it’s us

With app ID, we can check that you are who you say you are on the phone and in branch, simply by sending a secure notification to your device. And if we call you, you can use app ID to check that it’s us.

From time to time, we’ll also use app ID to make sure you’re the one who’s made a transaction on your account.

How do I use app ID?

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When you visit a branch

When you speak to one of our colleagues in branch, we’ll ask for your bank details. If you already use the Barclays app, we’ll send you a secure notification to your device. Tap the notification and log in to the app to confirm you’re in the branch, and we’ll get started on your transaction.

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When you call us

When you call us, we’ll send a secure notification to your device. Tap the notification and log in to the Barclays app where you’ll see the name of the colleague you’re speaking to. You’ll be able to confirm you’ve got the notification, which will tell us we’re speaking to the right person. You won’t need your Telephone Banking details, so don’t worry if you don’t have them to hand.

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When we call you

Sometimes people call our customers pretending to be from Barclays, to get fraudulent access to their accounts. App ID helps us prevent fraud because we’ll also send you the notification to your app, so you can check it’s us.

When we call you, we’ll send a secure notification to your device. Log in to your app to view it. You’ll see the name of the colleague you’re speaking to and you’ll be able to confirm you’ve got the notification, so you’ll know it’s really us you’re speaking to.

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When you're shopping online

Sometimes when you buy something online, we’ll check it’s really you before we let the transaction go ahead. We’ll do that by sending a notification to your device. Tap the notification – it’ll tell you the retailer’s name, how much you’re paying, and the last three digits of your card number. If you’re happy to go ahead with the transaction, just tap ‘Confirm’ and you’re done.  

Watch our video guides

The Barclays app can send you messages that help you confirm your identity. These videos explain how – you just need to check that you’ve switched on push notifications in your app’s settings.

Confirm your identity to us in a branch or on the phone

Confirm your identity when authorising payments online


How do I get app ID

You’ll need to download the Barclays app1. It’s free, and you can find it in the App Store or Google Play.



App ID is part of the Barclays app, so if you already have the app you don’t need to download or update anything – it’s there and ready for you to use.

Learn more about staying safe online and making the most of Online Banking and your app with our fraud prevention guides and tools.

How do I receive the notifications you send me?

You can opt in to these notifications by allowing push notifications on your device. It’s the quickest way to see notifications from us, because you’ll be able to see them on your home screen without logging in to your app.

If you don’t allow push notifications, when we send you a notification in your app, you’ll need to log in and go to the notifications centre by tapping on the bell icon on your homepage. You’ll then need to open the notification and select ‘Confirm’.

These notifications will come through on all your registered devices – you can change this by selecting ‘Settings’ and ‘Manage your devices’.

And if you’d like to see a history of the notifications you’ve received, you can go to ‘Settings’ then ‘View request history’.