Reporting fraud

Think you’ve been a victim of fraud?

Contact us right away if you’ve seen suspicious activity on your account. Here you’ll find the numbers you need, and the steps we’ll take. 

Find the number you need

There are different numbers to call, depending on the type of fraud concern you have. If you’re unsure about any of the below numbers, you can run it through our telephone number checker.



The next steps 

Once you’ve reported any fraud to us, we’ll usually refund your account straightaway – provided you haven’t acted fraudulently, or without reasonable care.

We’ll send you a form to confirm the transactions that you say are fraudulent. You’ll need to sign and return the form to us so we can investigate what’s happened.

If we don’t receive the forms within 28 days, we’ll assume that you’re not proceeding with your claim – any refund we’ve already given will be taken back out of your account.