Coronavirus and your Barclayloan

Barclayloan payment holidays

You can find out everything you need to know about payment holidays here – and you can apply online. 

To help us support those who need it most, please check the information below first, and only call us if you have an immediate financial problem that can’t wait. We have fewer colleagues than usual answering phones right now because of coronavirus. This is having a big impact on our call waiting times – we’re truly sorry about this.

Coming to the end of your first payment holiday?

If you’ve had a payment holiday for three months and you’re coming to the end of it, we might be able to help.

Coming to the end of your payment holiday extension or structured payment plan?

If you’ve had two payment holidays, or you’ve had a structured payment plan, we might be able to support you.

Apply for your first payment holiday

See if you’re eligible and apply for the first time – and find out how payment holidays and temporarily-reduced payments affect your Barclayloan. We also explain what to do if you can’t afford your next Barclayloan payment.

You have until 31 October 2020 to apply for a payment holiday.