Questions and answers

Coronavirus and your Barclayloan

I’m worried about making my loan repayments. Is there anything you can do to help me?

If you're having any problems with balancing your finances, or suspect you might, you’ll find lots of helpful advice in the ‘Help with your finances’ section of our coronavirus hub.

Are you offering Barclayloan repayment holidays?

No, not at the moment – but we’re working on an online application form to request a Barclayloan payment holiday. This will be the easiest way to apply. Once you complete it, we’ll let you know if your request has been agreed.

There’s no need to call us about Barclayloan payment holidays – we’ll have the form ready as soon as we can and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it on this page.

I’d like to increase, or top up my existing loan – is this possible?

Any loan top-up would be subject to eligibility and a new application. You can apply in your Barclays app, in Online Banking, by visiting a branch or giving us a call.