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Families talking finance

Money matters

10 April 2018 , 15:08

Home improvements, a bigger family home or planning for retirement – everyone has their priorities when it comes to managing their money. Can we help each other to manage it better? We asked 4 families to open up about finances.

A candid chat between family members from 2 generations in which they discuss all things finance – from saving for the future to addressing immediate priorities, and embracing technology.

Remember – while talking to your family can be a great help, you should seek professional advice when making important financial decisions.

  • Adapting to change

    As your life unfolds and your needs change, what you do with your money can change, too. Here are some things people are planning to spend on and how they’ll cover it.

  • Keeping track of your finances

    From budgets to financial advisers and internet tools, there are plenty of ways to keep track of where your money goes.

  • Buying your first home

    Becoming a homeowner is more challenging than ever, so many people are saving to get a foot on the property ladder. Here are some issues you could face and how some people have overcome them.

  • Providing financial support for your family

    A nest egg could help your child build a brighter future, or you could help them get on the property ladder with the Family Springboard mortgage.

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