Business borrowing

Seize the day – borrow up to £100,000 unsecured

Whether your business is expanding or still yet to get off the ground, we can help you plan for future success.

Flexible borrowing for your business

We have the products to suit your business1, from loans for buying new equipment to flexible mortgages.


Business loans

Help boost your business with secured or unsecured loans

If it’s right for your business, you could borrow up to £100,000 unsecured – ideal if you’re looking to expand, invest in your business, or borrow working capital. Secured loans are also available over £25,000.

Commercial mortgages

Commercial mortgages built around you

Whether you need to buy a new building or release equity from your existing one, a commercial mortgage could be the answer2.

Buy-to-let for business

Meeting your property-investment borrowing needs

Borrow to expand your property portfolio, with support from a dedicated Real Estate Manager.

Day-to-day finances

Free-up some cash with our short-term borrowing options – from overdrafts to credit cards and cashflow finance.

Business credit and charge cards

Business credit and charge cards

Manage cashflow with a credit or charge card

Choose a Barclaycard to suit your business – credit cards for flexible borrowing or charge cards if you pay the balance off each month3.

  • A choice of credit cards or charge cards4
  • Introductory offers available
  • Extras including enhanced travel insurance and foreign exchange savings
Business overdrafts

Business overdrafts

A flexible overdraft that moves with your business demands

An overdraft could help you deal with seasonal trends and short-term cashflow challenges. Borrow up to £50,000 unsecured – the money could be available to you in days.

Invoice finance

Unlock cash tied up in your outstanding invoices

Seize new opportunities, help grow your business, improve cashflow – these are just some of the ways your business could benefit from invoice finance4.

Finance to help your business grow

Unlock cash owed to you and buy the equipment your business needs.

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Get your business off the ground

Find out if your business is eligible for the government scheme designed to help viable businesses that have inadequate security.


Midlands Growth Fund

Supporting long-term growth.

Looking to take your business to the next level? Find out how our fund could support you4.


Northern Powerhouse Growth Fund

Helping businesses flourish.

Is your small or medium-sized company ready to grow? Our fund could help4.

You can compare our business lending products with those provided by alternative lenders on these online finance platforms5.

You can read more about the government’s bank lending referrals to finance platforms scheme, which includes eligibility details.