Business debit cards

Manage daily expenses with a debit card

Pay for goods and services throughout the world and online, wherever Visa is accepted.

For your everyday business expenses – at home and abroad

Just like your personal debit card, your business debit card lets you pay for things and withdraw cash practically anywhere in the world.

Contactless payments

Contactless technology lets you make quick and easy payments of £100 or less, wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Accepted globally

Fast and convenient access to the money in your business account any time, at home or abroad. Visa is recognised and accepted worldwide.

Simple online payments

Make payments online or over the phone, to businesses or people in the UK and abroad.

Itemised bank statements

Manage and track your business expenditure on your computer or mobile device.


Ready to apply for a Business debit card

If you already have a Barclays business current account, here’s how to apply for a business debit card, depending on your business set-up.

Simple signing mandates

If only one official needs to authorise it, you won’t need a signed application form to apply for a debit card – just give us a call on the relevant number below.

0345 605 23452 <£1m turnover

0333 202 74553 £1m to £5m turnover

0800 027 13213 £5m+ turnover

0333 202 74523 Agricultural clients

Complex signing mandates

If more than one official needs to authorise it, you’ll need a signed application to apply for a debit card. 

Download your form

You can find more information about our business debit card in our Business Debit User Guide [PDF, 802KB] and Business Customer Agreement [PDF, 484 KB].

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