Switching to Barclays

We'll take care of your bank account switch

Our Current Account Switch Service lets you move your account from your bank or building society to us in a simple, reliable and hassle-free way.

The Current Account Switch Service

This is a free service that lets you switch a current account from one participating bank or building society to another – in 7 working days. It’s simple and stress-free, and the full switch option is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee

As part of the full switch, we transfer all your payment orders in and out (such as salary and Direct Debits) to your new account with us, and also set up a payment redirection for any credits or debits from your old account for a minimum of 3 years.

We’ll contact you before your switch date if there are any issues during the process. And we’ll refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges incurred on either your old or new current accounts, as soon as we’re told, if anything goes wrong.

For more information, go to the Current Account Switch website.

Full or partial switch?

Full switch

  • We'll move all your regular incoming and outgoing payments, like Direct Debits, standing orders, bills and your salary, to your new account with us
  • We'll close your old account
  • Any payment made to your old account will be redirected for 3 years (or longer if required)
  • Covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. Please refer to the Current Account Switch Agreement and Guarantee for further details


Partial switch

  • We’ll ask your old bank for a list of outgoing payments for the account you're switching from
  • You select those you want us to move to your new account with us
  • Your old account open remains open
  • We won't be able to switch any one-off, future-dated payments
  • You'll need to arrange the transfer of any credit payments (like your salary) to the new account
  • It takes longer than 7 working days and isn't covered by the Current Account Switching Guarantee


Full-switch timetable

Fully switching your account takes just 7 working days through a Barclays Business Manager. During your appointment, we’ll agree a switch date with you before you sign the agreement.

Day 1

We’ll contact your old bank and request details of any regular payments.

Day 2

Your old bank will send us details of all your regular payments.


Day 3-5

  • We’ll write to you confirming the switch has been accepted and which payments we’ll be setting up
  • We’ll set up your payments on your new account, ready for your switch date
  • We’ll prepare redirection of card payments, where applicable
  • We’ll notify the originators of your Direct Debits of your new account details, ready for your switch date


Day 6

We’ll contact your old bank and request to transfer any credit balance.

Day 7

  • Any credit balance will be transferred to your new account
  • All payments on your old account will be cancelled
  • Your old account will be closed
  • We’ll contact you to confirm that the switch has completed

Any payments made to your old account after your switch day will be redirected to your new account for 36 months.

Any regular payments due to be paid from your old account after your switch day will be taken from your new account.

How to apply

Call one of our Business Managers on 0800 515 462 1 to book your appointment. 

What you’ll need to apply

  • Your residential addresses for the past 3 years
  • Your full business address
  • Details of your other financial arrangements (eg, mortgages, store cards etc)
  • Business details such as registration number, address and date of incorporation (if you have a limited company)