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Export documentary collections

An easy way to collect payment for your exported goods

Stay in control of your goods once they’ve been dispatched – so you know you’ll get paid.

  • Suitable for collecting payments of any amount and in any freely traded currency
  • Payment is requested from your buyer on immediate presentation of the Collection1 or at a fixed or determinable future date
  • Reduces the risk of losing title to the goods prior to receiving payment, or an agreement to pay, from your buyer

How export collections can help your business

Export documentary collections are a simple and efficient way to collect payments for the goods you export. You stay in control of the process because the documents of title are sent to the buyer’s bank.

Enhances trading confidence

Documents are only released when buyers pay or accept the bill of exchange, which provides reassurance, particularly when dealing with new partners.

Improved cashflow

The increased certainty of payment date lets you predict your cashflow more accurately. You can also ask us to trace payment progress if necessary.

How they work

Collections are originated by exporters seeking payment for their trading activities. They can be used to collect payments of any size in any freely traded currency.

Transport documents allowing access to the goods being exported, for example a bill of lading, are sent to your buyer’s bankers along with an invoice. Payment is then requested on either immediate presentation of the Collection (sight payment) or on your buyer’s acceptance to pay the bill of exchange at an agreed fixed or determinable future date (term payment).

This product is available to clients of Barclays Bank UK PLC through referral to Barclays Bank PLC. Referred products will be owned and administered by Barclays Bank PLC. A portion of the revenue generated from referred products may be shared with Barclays UK PLC. Alternative service providers in the market may offer similar products.

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Export letters of credit

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Get a guarantee of payment before you commit to sending goods.

  • Conditional payment guarantee issued by your buyer’s bank and advised to you by us
  • Asking us to ‘confirm’ the letter gives protection against payment default by the overseas bank or country
  • We can provide finance for the period between presentation of documents and the payment-due date

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