Sustainability for business

Helping businesses transition to a low-carbon economy

By working together, we can help reduce emissions and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Addressing climate change

Addressing climate change is an urgent and complex challenge. It requires a fundamental transformation of the global economy, so that society stops increasing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Supporting SMEs

Our Head of Business Banking, Hannah Bernard OBE, explains how we’re supporting all types of SMEs to make their businesses more sustainable.

How to get started

Learn how you can get started on your journey towards a more sustainable business.

Hannah Bernard OBE, Head of Business Banking

“We’re passionate about providing help and support to our one million clients on their journey to become more sustainable and help the UK reach its net zero target.”

  • Things for you to consider

    Changes you might want to consider

    Supply chains

    Find out how your supply chains will need to change to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.


    Learn about upcoming regulations that might affect your current and future business decisions.

    Consumer behaviour

    Understand how consumers are changing their behaviour to become more sustainable and what this means for your business.

  • What we can do to help

    Find out how we could help your business become more sustainable

    Propel asset finance

    Finance your assets with Barclays and Propel – find out how this flexible finance option can power your business1. ​

    Spread the cost of your business assets over time

    Budget with confidence

    A source of funding to help you maintain liquidity without affecting your cashflow, working capital or other borrowing

    Our green loans

    Help future-proof your business with financing that places green principles at its core, supporting you to invest in a sustainable, low-carbon future2.​

    Borrow up to £5 million to fund your green project3

    Variable or fixed-rate. Fixed rates available from 1 to 10 years

    Choose your loan term – from 1 to 20 years, with monthly repayments

    Borrowing for all businesses

    Discover the products to suit your business, from loans for buying new equipment to flexible mortgages.

    Sustainable Impact Capital Programme

    Our Sustainable Impact Capital Programme, has a mandate to invest up to £175m of equity capital in sustainability-focused start-ups by 2025, helping to accelerate our clients’ transition towards a low-carbon economy. ​

  • Changes you can make

    Helping you on your journey to a more sustainable future

    If you need help with your finances, select ‘How we help’ to find out how we can support you.  

    Electric Vehicles (EVs)

    If you’re thinking about changing from diesel or petrol to electric vehicles, we can help your business with our finance options.  

    Did you know?

    By switching to EVs you could reduce your overall fuel and maintenance costs, and eliminate your congestion zone and ultra-low emissions costs completely. You can also get free parking for EVs in some UK cities.

    Small-scale solar panels

    You might want to think about moving to small-scale solar panels to reduce your business emissions. Take a look at our finance options to see how we can help you achieve this goal.

    Did you know?​

    You could reduce your emissions by going off grid and running your operations with solar power, or maybe run some parts of your business with renewable energy.

    Switching to LED lighting

    If you use halogen light bulbs and you’d like to save on your energy bills by changing to LED lighting, we can help you finance this.

    Did you know?​

    LED bulbs last five times longer than halogen bulbs and use up to 80% less power.

    Electric cargo bikes (e-cargo)

    Have you thought about switching to e-cargo bikes to help reduce your business emissions? If so, our finance options could help you.

    Did you know?​

    With an e-cargo bike, you pay zero congestion zone and ultra-low emissions costs. This is why they’re becoming a popular choice for businesses to transport goods quickly and efficiently across towns and cities.

    Electric charging points

    If you’re thinking about electric vehicles for your business, you’ll also need to think about how to charge them. We could help your business cover these extra costs with our finance options.

    Did you know?

    To charge your EVs or e-cargo bikes, you’ll need a new electric charging infrastructure which means you can reduce your business emissions. 

    Electric boilers

    If your gas and oil boilers are on their way out and you’re thinking of upgrading to electric boilers or other energy efficient alternatives, you should take a look at our finance options.

    Did you know?​

    Switching to electric boilers could help you reduce your business emissions and improve your EPC building ratings.

  • Our customer stories

    Manufacturing – Grantham Manufacturing Ltd

    When Grantham Manufacturing got in touch to have an in-depth discussion with one of our relationship managers, we were keen to support them. After their building was rebuilt following a fire, we helped them install 272 solar panels on their roof, and the Lincolnshire-based business now generates 58% of its yearly electricity needs through solar energy.

    They’ve also installed extra features such as LED lighting to reduce electricity demand and improve working conditions, and have added ground source heating across their production floor. They’ve even added a water-cooled air compressor that harnesses the heat generated by compressing air and directs it into the ground source system. The complete system is generating savings, has a payback period of nine years and has reduced the operating time of their heat pump by 35% (which equates to saving 21p per hour of heating the factory) – supporting Grantham Manufacturing to reduce both their building and business’s carbon footprint.

    Agriculture – The Torpenhow Cheese Company

    Mark and Jenny Lee, owners of The Torpenhow Cheese Company, got in touch with us to discuss their two-year plan to becoming an organic farm. To make this change, they needed to focus on the health of the soil and make sure their cows got all the nutrients they needed from the grass and clovers.

    We were able to support them with capital along the way, so that they could invest in converting to an organic, grass-based system. We also helped them build a cheese store on the farm, which met the high standards required of a certified organic farm, and they were ready to sell their first organic cheese at the start of the first lockdown.

    Not only have they attracted new customers in the area, they also sell their produce at local markets, which has really helped increase their sales. Being aware of consumer sustainability trends has helped their company grow, and they’ve now hired three more cheesemakers

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    Start your net zero journey with us today

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    I’m new to Barclays business banking

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  • Additional support from us

    Additional support for businesses

    How to get started

    Learn how you can get started on your journey towards a more sustainable business.

    Barclays Eagle Labs

    Our four videos will help you learn why becoming sustainable is so important for startups.

  • Steps we’ve already taken

    Steps we’ve taken to help you switch to a more sustainable future

    Colleague training

    In 2021, over 2,500 of our business banking colleagues undertook a number of sustainability e-learning modules. Now they’re even better prepared to help support businesses reach their sustainability journeys and ambitions.

    Unreasonable Impact

    We’ve partnered with Unreasonable Group to create Unreasonable Impact. This is a series of helpful programmes that supports growth-stage entrepreneurs, who may employ thousands of people worldwide, and aims to help solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

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